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Some Phillies Links for You, July 30, 2010: Hey Look It's Roy Oswalt, Blue J.A., Moyer Defiant

Roy vey! Trade stings Mets -
The worst thing about the Roy Oswalt deal is all the horrendous puns it enabled in the press.

Hello Roy, Goodbye Happ - Philled In
I wasn't really sad for J.A. Happ until I read these quotes...

Mets Already Have Roy Oswalt
Wherein R.A. Dickey = Roy Oswalt. And BIG PELF = Roy Halladay, Jason Bay = Jayson Werth, etc.

How Phils stole yet another ace -

Executives from multiple teams complained they had no idea the Astros were willing to include $11 million of the $23.5 million owed Oswalt through next year and his 2012 option as they did to move him to the Phillies.


Moyer encouraged that he can pitch again
Whether Jamie Moyer comes back in 2011 or not, I'm pretty sure this is his last go-around with the Phillies.

Jays snag prized prospect Gose - Winnipeg Free Press
This whole affair going back to the Halladay/Lee swaps in December makes one wonder what exactly is "wrong" with Brett Wallace, since he's now on his fourth organization in one year.

25 things to ponder about Roy Oswalt

25. Was born one day before Cliff Lee in 1977. Oswalt's birthday is Aug. 29; Lee's is Aug. 30.

But Lee's birth was more beautiful and flawless!

Phils fans welcome new names for stretch run
BONUS: Not a mention of Clifton Phifer...

Paul Hagen: Phils should have just kept Cliff Lee

It also increases the odds that, in the not-too-distant future, they will have a roster choked with costly older players on the downside of their careers and no reinforcements down on the farm to replace them. It's difficult to figure out exactly what the Phillies believe in right now. They had already taken out a second mortgage on their future. It's like they've added a third and a fourth.

Do these people who get paid to write about baseball even understand how the game works?  If this team was going to be relying on J.A. Happ and Anthony Gose to anchor its roster in 2014 or so, then it was doomed anyway.

Get a Pitching Lesson From Cole Hamels Himself | NBC Philadelphia
I heard Wet Luzinski is taking one of his kids but is going to butt in line in front of him for instruction.

Rookie Profile: Domonic Brown - Minor League Ball
A look at Philadelphia Phillies rookie outfielder Domonic Brown.

Baseball Prospectus | Ahead in the Count: The Poor Return on Dan Haren
More good work from our old friend Matt Swartz over at Baseball Prospectus. Sorry, subscription req'd.

Mets 4, Cardinals 0: Dickey, Davis Crush Cardinals - Amazin' Avenue

Washington Nationals Beat Atlanta Braves, 5-3, Take Two Of Three From NL East Leaders. - Federal Baseball
Thanks, Nationals, we owe you a beer or something.