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Some Phillies Links for You, July 8, 2010: Shane Speaks, Buyers or Sellers?

Fans frustrate Victorino, seeking support

Shane Victorino received criticism from fans during Wednesday's 7-5 loss to the Atlanta Braves at Citizens Bank Park and it bothered him enough that he brought it up in the clubhouse afterward.

I'm sure this will play great in Northeast Philadelphia.

Sometimes We Boo - Chicks Dig The Long Ball
Wherein the Philosophy of Booing is discussed.

Phils could use help — like Cliff Lee

Would things be that much different with Lee? Hard to say. He missed the first three weeks of the season after a spring-training injury. If you take his 13 starts for Seattle and match them up with the Phillies' results on the same dates, you find nine games that probably would have had the same result. If you could magically transplant Lee's performance into the other four games, three Phillies losses would become wins and one win - by the same logic - would have been a loss. So that's a net gain of two wins, which means the Phillies would still be in third place.

Wow, this is... needlessly complicated!

Phillies Notes: Polanco in a hurry to return to action
Sounds like Brad Lidge!

The Phillies Scoop: Trade games to Charlie: Let’s play two
Ooh, do we get to hear "Getting Ryan Madson back is almost as good as a deadline deal!" this season? Shades of Wade.

McCaffery: Buy or sell? Amaro splits the difference
So many flimsy premises... so short an article...

Minor-league all-star game is a major event for McCarthy
What a thrill for all of us!

Triple-A All-Star Game: Lehigh Valley IronPigs kick off All-Star Week with Pigapalooza fan festival
The "Pigapalooza" subhead directly over the picture of Fat Howard is sublime.

Sam Donnellon: No panic yet from Phillies, but should there be?
What good would "panicking" do at this point? It's not like they have a lot of movable pieces on the roster.  Manuel won't rush Brown to majors
I'm glad Uncle Charlie has some sense.

Reading Phillies win fifth straight
New Reading Phillie Harold Garcia with an RBI single.

Flicker of hope for a fallen Phillies star
Wait, Eric Bruntlett is a "star"?

For the first time all year, a team outside the NL East wins a series at Citi Field. Reds win, 3-1. - Red Reporter
And the red-hot Reds head to Citizens Bank Park for a four gamer this weekend. This doesn't look very good.

Washington Nationals' Adam Dunn Hits 3 HR's, Nats Hold On For 7-6 Win Over San Diego Padres. - Federal Baseball
I still wish they'd signed Adam Dunn instead of Raul Ibanez...

Josh Johnson - Ace - True Blue LA
Josh Johnson, Florida Marlins, defeat Los Angeles Dodgers, 4-0. The best pitcher in the National League, fellas.