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Phriday Phillies Links Phor You: July 9, 2010: Too Much Perspective on Amaro, LeBron, and Foul Balls

Phillies win on Schneider's homer in 12th.
Parts of that game did qualify for lusty booing, but not the end part. That was cool.

Phillies' Manuel Addresses Team Before Game.
"Fourscore dadgum games ago..."

Hagen: Phillies' GM Ruben Amaro doesn't deserve to be grilled.
The char is not good eatin' anyway. Hagen presents the opening remarks in the case of WIP v. Amaro.

McCaffery: Cliff Lee to Seattle: Easi-Lee the worst trade.
McCaffery for the prosecution. My favorite commenters ever will be like polling the jury!

Conlin: Tinkering with baseball's forever choices? Fat chance.
Interesting premise to pick on undeserving HOF from the (mostly) late 19th and early 20th centuries.

"Maje" McDonnell, longtime Phillies coach and ambassador, dies at 89.
R.I.P. Maje, the Phillies' very own Mr. Positive. As a tribute, I will hereby invoke your image in remaining 2010 game chatters when the Phils need it the most.

Fightins: Jayson Werth doesn't appreciate your catching a foul ball, sir.
An episode from last night's game. Years of therapy for that boy in the pinstripes. Here's what happens in non-Philadelphia cities. But that wasn't the only odd thing that happened in the 12th. Check out the home plate celebration led by Vic. Lots of quality images on the Fightins this morning. Don't miss the one of Chooch.

L'Affaire L'eBron.
No LeBron in New York, but Yanks Wish Him Well.
Imagine if Bill Giles wrote something like this after Schilling and Rolen departed. The beauty part is, he'd have been half-right! And this was just silly.


AZ Snakepit: Diamondbacks 10, Marlins 4: What is this thing called "Win?" Rodrigo Lopez. For real.

Federal Baseball: Washington Nationals Win Series, Drop Finale 7-1 to the San Diego Padres. Federal Baseball's headline writing style is so huggably bureaucratic. Don't change a thing, boys.


Syracuse 9, Lehigh Valley 0. Domonic Brown's 12-game hit streak ends.

Clearwater 6, Lakeland 4. Aumont FTW!

Aumont (W, 1-0) 6.0 4 4 2 2 13 0 4.35

Delmarva 5, Lakewood 1.

R-Phils Win 6th Straight.