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Some Phillies Links For You, August 11, 2010: Pitchers Pounded, Oswalt Prepares, Brown To Go Down?

Phillies' Oswalt already feels comfy at Citizens Bank
What, does he work as a teller in his off-days? WOCKA WOCKA WOCKA!

Bombers wary of Rangers ace Lee
Ah, they won't have to worry about him much longer, just about fitting him for a uniform...

Jose Reyes admits to concentration lapses at shortstop

"I don't know what they see," Reyes said. "I play shortstop one way. I never try to change anything. It's hard to get ready for every pitch because how many pitches does the pitcher throw to home plate? A hundred and something? It's hard to get ready on every pitch. I try to do my best."


Paul Hagen: Don't judge the Phillies by one putrid game
Some pretty level-headed analysis, this is.

Victorino flies through first rehab start with IronPigs
Hey, good news!

Phillies Notes: Brown could be sent down
Definitely not the worst idea out there.

Phils Lose as 'Pen Concerns Continue to Mount
At least it wasn't as if any of the Phillies' "good" pitchers had crummy nights. It was pretty much the usually suspects, except probably Bastardo.

For five years, fans must have perspective
I hate this premise. Sure, you should never be irrational and stupid under any circumstances, but to say "OH OK, they know best!" when your team makes a dumb move (especially when there's new management, as with the Phils), is just Kool-Aid consumption.

Brooks Conrad Hits Another Clutch Homer, Braves Prevail 4-2 - Talking Chop
Secret Agent J.A. Happ pitched well, but Matt Lindstrom proved himself to be the least helpful boy in town.

Mets 1, Rockies 0: Pelfrey Rebounds, Bests Jimenez - Amazin' Avenue

Washington Nationals Get Everything Right In Andre Dawson Ceremony, Everything Wrong on Field. Florida Marlins Win, 8-2. - Federal Baseball
And the Marlins lit up Stephen Strasburg. Yeah, it happens.