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Some Phillies Links For You, August 13, 2010: Yes, Call it a Comeback, Tales from the Mets Family Lounge

Chooch’s Walk-off Heroics as called by Scott Franzke and Danny Martinez - Chicks Dig The Long Ball
These are both infinitely better than the Wheels/TMac call, or the Bob Costas one. And I don't even speak Spanish.

The True Hero Of Last Night's Phillies Comeback ... Hex Boy! - Four For Four - SB Nation Philly

Baseball Prospectus - Prospectus Perspective: Five Alive
Lots of this piece is behind the pay wall, but there's an excellent free bit on Cole Hamels. The conclusion? He's good.

Halladay's even better with new pitch
Rob Neyer chimes in on fantasy zoo companion Roy Halladay's new changeup. Remember how he learned it from Kyle Kendrick?

Phillies Scoop: Howard one step closer to returning
But I saw those photos of him at Dorney Park, he's a MONSTER!!!

Johan Santana and Francisco Rodriguez bringing plenty of legal baggage to New York Mets
I'll just leave this here...

What words set off K-Rod? - Scoop Du Jour - MLB  - Yahoo! Sports
Oooh, I know! "Your nickname is really crappy."

Akron rallies in ninth to beat R-Phils 3-2
Lost in this is Austin Hyatt's Double-A debut: 5 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 7 K. Another very good outing from the weirdest prospect ever.

Mets 4, Rockies 0: Johan Santana's Punch-Out(s)!! - Amazin' Avenue
Johan Santana does it again. Then the Rockies watched him play tennis.