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Some Phillies Links for You, August 18, 2010: Phanatic For Sale, Cruisin' Roy

Phils, Oswalt cruise
In the vicinity of 12th and Locust?

Phillies' Howard about a week from returning; Rowand speaks

"The thing about these fans … they’re some of the smartest baseball fans in the country," Rowand said. "I think everybody knows they can be rough sometimes, but I think it stems from a good spot. It stems from passion, their infatuation with this team and everything else. It’s a blue-collar town. People here work hard, 9 to 5."


Phanatic Around Town
I think they should be donated to several funeral parlors around town.

Columbus clips Yankees

Right-hander Carlos Carrasco dominated the Yankees for seven innings, and the Yankees couldn't recover from Columbus' two-run first inning in a 5-1 loss at Huntington Park.

When does Carlos Carrasco get inducted in the International League Hall of Fame?

Rowand, Burrell glad to be reunited
I wonder if Burrell still does the "naked with a six-pack" gag...

Dobbs goes, Brown stays
I really think Domonic Brown needs the at-bats in Triple-A, but what do I know? He probably will get demoted when Ryan Howard gets back, though.

Mets Alter Closer Rodriguez’s Contract -
I've got my popcorn ready...

Wild-card lead just a step
I'm glad the players are dismissing it (vocally at least), but having the Wild Card lead outright means that you control your destiny to a certain extent.

Braves Bash Nationals 10-2, Mike Minor Impresses Again - Talking Chop
Great job, Nationals, really.