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SURPRISE! Bachelor Party Game Thread for PhillyFriar: Giants at Phillies, August 19, 2010

While none other than our man Pat the Bait is in town for one more night, we thought of no better time to celebrate the impending nuptials (next month!) of The Last Best Prospect Guy, PhillyFriar, with a blowout bachelor party-themed game thread. Whaat? and zOMG! Congratulations PF!


Remember, sports fans: It's a mixed audience, so I'm thinking more Dean Martin Celebrity Roast than the newfangled one they have on Comedy Central. It's a fambilyesque blog, don't you know (I know, this from the guy who just wrote a long, dirty, mock Beat Poem. Just keep your images under control, aaight?). Plus the guy may have just passed the bar, so nothing slanderous. You've been warned. Now let's have some fun out there, dammit!

Cole Hamels (7-9, 3.33, what a loser) goes up against Jonathan Sanchez (8-8, 3.60 ERA).

Discuss the game below. And tip your waitresses, you cheap drunks!