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Some Phillies Links for You, August 23, 2010: Myers Returns, Biddle Back in PA, Gillies Issues

A position shift in future for Phillies' Utley?
I loathe the AutoPlay ad, but this piece has generated a fair amount of discussion. I'd be more inclined to buy into the central premise if Utley's injuries were suffered as a result of playing second base, or if he were just an average fielding second baseman. Neither is the case.

Phillies' top draft pick Biddle looks sharp in Class-A debut

Biddle's performance was respectable enough. He went four innings, giving up one run on three hits, striking out four batters and walking two.

Not bad at all. This pick is looking pretty good so far.

Bill Conlin: Phils' Noles on the case with Tyson Gillies
Conlin hits a lot of the key points that we discussed last week on this site, including the work visa issue.

Philies notes: Happ and Myers back with Astros
The Houston Formers.

Deitch: Delco ump Crawford gets good send-off
Nice tribute to retiring umpire Jerry Crawford.

Everything works for Oswalt
The man has been as advertised so far.

Myers returning as ace of Astros
Kenny Powers is officially a front-of-the-rotation starter again.

IronPigs: Win streak stops at three
Wait, I thought Joe Savery was going to be a hitter now...

Mets: Barajas dealt to Dodgers
Barajas will also apparently teach new Dodgers teammates how to do that "OLE!" move at home to avoid a collision.

Strasburg gets MRI on forearm
No word on the extent of the injury yet.

Braves Demolish Cubs 16-5, Mike Minor Strikes Out 12 - Talking Chop
Way to go, Cubbies, sending Lou Piniella out on a high note like that.

Final: Cards 9, Giants 0
Now of interest: Wild Card implication games!