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Some Phillies Links for You, August 24, 2010: Brett's Heart, Misty Mountain Happ, Ump Dump

Myers Enjoys Return to the Bank as Astros Edge Phils

Much to Myers’ surprise, he heard very little negativity from the fans as he warmed up before taking the mound and earning a 3-2 win over the Phils. "One guy yelled, ‘Hey, how’s your wife?’ " Myers recalled after the game.

Game, set, match.

Astros Notes: Happ in familiar territory

In many situations before a game, player movements involving the Astros and Phillies were described in language normally used for players being shuttled between the major leagues and the minors.

Wow. Ouch.

John Smallwood: Umpires should explain botched call

OK, WE'RE NOT going to revisit the ghost of Chico Ruiz. This isn't 1964 and there are no indications that these Phillies are the type of team to let one setback mushroom into a pennant-crushing collapse.

Well, that came out of nowhere.

Paul Hagen: With Astros, Myers found comfort zone
Mongo only pawn in game of life.

Oswalt settling in nicely with Phillies
Nice to hear good things about Phillies fans from an out-of-town paper.

Former Phillies prospect Kyle Drabek dominates Thunder to spoil Banuelos' debut

Sutter's Role: Teach Mathieson the Splitter
Fascinating. +1,000 points for the Phillies for trying this.

R-Phils clip Squirrels
Again, enough with the cute minor league team names!

Todd Helton Delivers Victory As Rockies Win 5-4 Over Atlanta Braves - Purple Row
Nice to see Todd Helton helping the Phillies, rather than crushing them.