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Some Phillies Links For You, August 27, 2010: LOL Sweep, Halladay Ceremony, Clutch is Real?

Baseball Prospectus | Ahead in the Count: The Clutch and The Shifted
Old Friend Matt Swartz on left-handed hitters and late-inning clutch results, expanded on from work originally done here on The Good Phight.

Phils honor Doc's perfecto with family tribute
Awkward memorabilia exchange, with bonus appearance from the vile Sen. Bunning. Plus, I'm about 90% sure that Halladay and Carlos Ruiz are now married.

An Astro-nomical sweep puts Phils in funk
Boy howdy, it does.

Foul ball strike earns fan lifetime ban

The ball thrown from the upper deck along the third base line struck Reading (Pa.) Phillies pitcher J.C. Ramirez in the left leg Tuesday night. The double-A game was stopped briefly and the fan was removed. Ramirez remained in the game but gave up RBI singles to the next two hitters before leaving.

Well I guess that'll get him used to playing in Philadelphia zOMG ROFFLES BATTERIES AND SNOWBALLS AT SANTA TOOTH FAIRY!!! Taser.

Phillies Notes: Poor hitting affects pitching
We should only hope that the pitching is as badly "affected" as it was during that Astros series. Kendrick was rough, but not absolutely dreadful, and the other three did fine.

R-Phils' Cisco Hurls One-Hit Shutout
Galen must be very proud.

Did Paterson break the law? - Times Union
Well, I know someone ELSE who got into a little trouble with the law over some World Series tickets...

Phillies confident despite recent struggles
Such a weird season of peaks and valleys.

Astros’ debacle leaves Phillies on brink of danger
There are so, so many wrong things about this article, starting with the dreadful headline. You can't be on the "brink of danger" - you're in danger, or you're not.

The Fightins - Scenes from Kyle Kendrick’s surprise 26th birthday party
Nothing about this event doesn't give me douchechills. Particularly what appears to be the Photoshopped "Bull Durham" poster with Kyle and Survivor. Guuhhhhh...

Break Out the Brooms | FanGraphs Baseball
FanGraphs tells the Phillies not to bother with any more baseball.