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Well I'll Be Damned: Phillies Make History

The Philadelphia Phillies made history tonight, and in two ways.

Tonight, at around 10:30 pm local time, the Phillies broke the "Two Run Barrier." Baseball historians and statisticians alike have long theorized that a baseball team can score more than two runs in one game. Even though it took 12 innings to score their third run, the Phillies managed to do so, and will be long remembered for this unprecedented offensive outburst.

On a second historical note, the Phillies won and, earlier in the evening, the Atlanta Braves lost to the Florida Marlins. This marks the first time since 1978 that the Braves and Phillies had different game outcomes on the same day. Elias informs us that this is called "gaining a game" in the standings, and was actually believed to have occurred several times during 19th century, when teams would occasionally need to forfeit games in the event of cholera outbreaks or draft riots.