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Some Phillies Links For You, August 3, 2010: Off-Night Blahs, Howard Check-Up, Let's Go (Sigh) Mets

Rizzotti having a blast as R-Phils return home for series with Thunder
He's old (24) so you have to think the Phillies are tempted to call him up if Ryan Howard misses significant time.  Not that it'd be the best idea ever...

Phillies Howard gets ankle examined
"Mr. Howard, you're going to lose the foot."

Ibanez expected back in Phillies' lineup
Good news, as long as he stays hot.

Phillies looking for consistency from Lidge | News

"Charlie [Manuel] and I have talked," Lidge said about his role as closer. "Obviously, he's been a great manager for me."



Trading prospects for proven aces has taken toll only financially for Phillies
The Freddy Garcia trade was bad, for sure, but I'm not sure any of us would take back the Kyle Lohse or Joe Blanton deals.

‘Old hand’ visits area
Seriously, how awesome is Jamie Moyer?

The Fightins " On a Night Where We All Have to Root for The Mets
Ron Artest, rapping about the Mets. Just... go watch. I wept like some, grandmother.

Crashburn Alley - Lidge Tipping His Pitches?
I'm not 100% convinced he's tipping his pitches but the loss in velocity on Lidge's fastball is based on fact (94.3 MPH in 2008; 92.5 in 2010) and it's scary.

Hudson, Ankiel, and Home Cooking Lead Braves Past Mets, 4-1 - Talking Chop
Rick Ankiel, honest to God.