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Some Phillies Links For You, August 30, 2010: Huggy Bear, 808 State Still Great, Westside Memories

Group hug: Sweeney, Phils embrace sweep

"I grew up in a family with eight kids, so there was a lot of hugging going on," Sweeney said. "I love my teammates, so when we do something good that's just how I'm wired. I want to share that love with my teammates."

Yeah, just try explaining that to the police after you run around the shopping mall hugging people.

Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Rod Barajas ready to play in front of hometown crowd
Oh no, I forgot that the Dodgers have this creep now, we're doomed. At least three homers this week.

Halladay Could be Riding Cy Young Express
Is it safe to say that this guy has been even better than expected?  And that's saying a lot.

Mets-Braves Preview
Time to dust off the ol' "Let's Go Mets" t-shirt and trim down to a linebeard.

A Phanatic wish
Hope he wasn't too rough with the seniors.

Berks alum sinks R-Phils
Oh crumbs.

Local roots, fond memories
Mike Sweeney really might be the most likeable man on the planet.

Report: Manny to join White Sox as early as today
Hey, the Phillies miss Manny, who routinely owns them.

Bill Conlin: Strasburg injury no surprise to one mechanic
Again, pitchers get hurt all the time.

Victorino remains proud of Hawaii's Little Leaguers
No questions asked.

Jays prospect Gose learning on the run
Former Phillies prospect Anthony Gose discusses his time at the MLB Urban Youth Academy in Compton, CA.

Phillies Cheesesteak: WABAC, 1984: The Trail Of Cheers
A trip-down-memory-lane look at a triumphant West Coast Trip from 1984, when the Phillies went 9-0 against the Padres, Dodgers, and Giants.

Braves Rally For 7-6 Win On Reviewed McCann Walkoff Homer - Talking Chop
Really nothing left to say here. This team's come-backitude is just incredibly aggravating. Matt Diaz lives to bring ruin to the Phillies.