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Some Phillies Links for You, August 5, 2010: Ridiculousness, Cosart Shelved, Thank you Mets (Boo)

Sweeney traded to Philadelphia, farewell Mike!
I'm comforted to read that pretty much everyone (including Certified Mensch Raul Ibanez) calls Mike Sweeney a great human being. Hopefully he can hit, too.

Phillies Notebook: History not on Oswalt's side against Marlins
Not freaking out based on small sample.

Rendell playing active role in potential sale of baseball franchise - News - The Times-Tribune

"I hate the Yankees," said Mr. Rendell, a Chicago White Sox and Philadelphia Phillies fan. "If we're going to have minor league baseball in Pennsylvania, why not have the best brand? The Yankees are the No. 1 brand. Let's keep them here."

Oh Ed, don't ever change.

Phils Win for Now; Lose for Future

J.A. Happ has the chance to dominate National League hitters for the next ten years or more. Roy Oswalt may have a good year or two left in him. It’s no coincidence that the Phillies acquired him after he started having injury problems. It was a while ago when people wondered if Oswalt would be the "next Nolan Ryan" and the answer was no.

It's a few days old, but it's still one of the most spectacularly ill-informed things I've ever read.

The Juice: Padilla no-hits Padres for seven, finishes with shutout
Always nice to see former Phillies/sociopaths succeed despite their disabilities.

Phillies Notes: Cosart out for rest of season
Not really a shock or especially bad news. His stock is still dramatically higher than it was back in March.

The Fightins - Domonic Brown takes his fashion cue from Sarge Matthews
The young fellow is a snappy dresser.

Nolan Ryan's group wins bid for Texas Rangers -
This whole thing was so weird and crazy. I'll admit I was pulling for Mark Cuban.

Braves Cruise Past Mets 8-3 But Lose Medlen To Injury - Talking Chop
Damn you, Brian McCann.