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Some Phillies Links For You, August 9, 2010: Wreckage in Queens, Too Morrow, Raul Keeps Raking

BBM Presents: SB Nation NL East Rivals Chat
And now a link to the much awaited BlackBerry Chat featuring your own dajafi, FuquaManuel and myself with Eric Simon, Alex Nelson, and Ted Berg from I note how whiny and hand-wringy I was, especially at the beginning. Also see the link in the right sidebar.  This was a really fun event; Eric, Alex, and Ted were cool.  Hopefully we can do this again.

They look D.O.A. after latest wreck -

Phillies fans didn't waste their energy taunting the hated Mets for most of yesterday's game. Why bother speaking ill of the dead?


Raul Ibanez on fire since the All-Star break
Raul is a streaky dude, this doesn't really surprise me at all.  I feel like I jumped on the RAAAAUUULL Express after everyone else had jumped off.

Phils give R.A. knuckle sandwich -
Right in the Dickey!

Gimpy Beltran in center of Mets' collapse -
Wow, three NY Post links in one morning. But the premise of this piece is absurd. This reminds me of the Phillies around the middle of the last decade, when one of the team's best players (Bobby Abreu) was the punching bag despite being one of the very last things "wrong" with the team.

Manuel says attitude reason for victories
I guess it's easier to say "Attitude!" than it is to carefully explain random distribution, hot/cold streaks, etc.

Halladay gets help in victory
It was nice to see Halladay pick up a victory in an otherwise so-so start. Looking closely, though, Halladay had a pretty good lousy start (or a lousy good start, pick). 10 strikeouts and one walk.

Lidge on roll since D.C. meltdown

Not long ago, actually for the better part of the last two seasons, this would have been a very omen.

Yes, very.

Sandberg Takes Journeyman’s Route to Major League Bench
Pretty interesting piece about erstwhile Phillie Ryne Sandberg's excellent minor league managing adventure.

Bill Conlin: Phillies' Halladay wins, but falls short of typical masterpiece
Ahh, fine.

Blue Jays’ Morrow Misses No-Hitter on Last Out -
With 17 strikeouts and just one hit allowed, Brandon Morrow's outing on Sunday was good for a "Game Score" of 100 -- highest in MLB since Randy Johnson's Perfect Game in 2004. For reference, Roy Halladay's Perfect Game in May had a Game Score of 98.

Braves Top Giants, 6-3 - Talking Chop

Thanks for nothing, Giants (although it's worth noting that the Giants are ahead of the Phillies in the Wild Card race, so I guess this kind of helps there).  Derek Lowe left the game early with really hard menstrual cramps.