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BBM Presents: SB Nation NL East Rivals Chat

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BlackBerry Messenger presents a unique SB Nation Chat. Bitter NL East rivals come together to discuss mascots, ballparks, primadonnas, and common enemies. Also, a baseball game. Each blogger used a BlackBerry® smartphone to participate via BlackBerry Messenger.

Love what you do on BlackBerry Messenger.
From Amazin' Avenue:

Eric Simon, Alex Nelson, and Ted Berg

From The Good Phight:

WholeCamels, dajafi, and FuquaManuel

dajafi: R.A Dickey scares us.

Alex Nelson: If I were staring down a loaded Dickey I would be scared too.

dajafi: He's drunk? Nice. That's confidence.

FuquaManuel: One thing, before we get started, I propose that this entire chat be carried out in Esperanto so fans of vast multifarious persuasions can understand us.

dajafi: Hippie.

Ted Berg: I for one hope we just make Dickey double entendres for the next three hours.

Eric Simon: That goes without saying, Ted.

dajafi: 21/158 BB/K for Roy Halladay.

WholeCamels: Ted, I wouldn't do anything else.

dajafi: I kind of enjoy watching the Phillies on SNY.

WholeCamels: Yeah the production values of the SNY broadcast are much better.

dajafi: I'm pretty sure Keith is a Phillies fan and all three of them are vastly better than our goober announcers.

dajafi: Close. Good throw.

Ted Berg: Halladay sucks now.

FuquaManuel: Good throw, damn.

WholeCamels: Damn. That was closer than it should’ve been.

dajafi: Oh, Jesus.

FuquaManuel: BABIP!

Eric Simon: I don't think it's fair that the Phillies acquired an ace four years older than the one the Mets got and the Phillies ace is clearly much better.

WholeCamels: What will we see first: Browns first walk or next assist?

Eric Simon: Today notwithstanding.

WholeCamels: We lose.

Alex Nelson: Wow. Ted was right. Halladay does suck.

FuquaManuel: Next assist, book it.

Ted Berg: Shocked Angel Pagan didn't bunt there.

Eric Simon: Schneider!

WholeCamels: Shocked Schneider sucks (not).

dajafi: Given 20 innings vs. Dickey, maybe we could get even here.

Alex Nelson: He's gotta be better than Rod Barajas.

dajafi: Schneider really blows.

Eric Simon: Mike Lieberthal is better than Rod Barajas.

WholeCamels: I think Dickey is one of the mutants from the original The Hills Have Eyes.

FuquaManuel: I am embarrassed that Schneider has an even remotely Jewish sounding name.

WholeCamels: Barajas is the worst human.

Eric Simon: Embarrassed for Jews?

Ted Berg: My wife thinks Dickey looks like a badger.

FuquaManuel: Oh my, they really brought their A-game today!

Alex Nelson: Is your wife familiar with badgers?

Ted Berg: I don't think so.

dajafi: Hmm, thought Ross Gload might have muffed that on purpose, but Pagan didn't tag.

Eric Simon: "Good pitchers know when they need a strikeout" --Ron Darling.

WholeCamels: How pissed is Halladay?

Alex Nelson: Not the Phillies day so far.

dajafi: All Philadelphia is saying "Cliff Lee would’ve had it"

FuquaManuel: Well, he would have.

WholeCamels: Cliff Lee would have (and did) make that play.

WholeCamels: Ha, see?!

Ted Berg: The fernanchise looks a little overmatched here.

Eric Simon: Where "here" is "everywhere."

WholeCamels: What do you guys think of Fernando Martinez?

Alex Nelson: His approach is a little lacking.

dajafi: Jayson Werth catches the one in the middle of the three balls he sees.

Eric Simon: He needs to play baseball better.

WholeCamels: Good enough.

Eric Simon: And be less injured.

dajafi: Fernando Martinez is Spanish for Chris Snelling, no?

Ted Berg: I think he has gone from overrated to underrated as a prospect, but he shouldn't be in the bigs.

Alex Nelson: Disappointing. He's shown some pop in AAA this year but little patience. And he just can't stay healthy.

Ted Berg: Guy has two good weeks in AAA and they call him up.

Eric Simon: Super Alex Escobar.

WholeCamels: Bad sign for a 22 year old (health).

FuquaManuel: Phillies playing from behind, against Dickey?

Ted Berg: Heyoo.

Ted Berg: Oh, was that not supposed to be an entendre?

Eric Simon: Already in a hole.

Alex Nelson: Kind of similar to Escobar, yes.

dajafi: Lefties hitting worse vs. Dickey?

WholeCamels: Great approach Jimmy.

Eric Simon: Dickey's control has been astonishing.

FuquaManuel: So Charlie Manuel loads the lineup with them (lefties)!

Eric Simon: Worse managing Manuel: Charlie or Jerry?

Alex Nelson: About the same against both righties and lefties.

Alex Nelson: Count the rings.

Ted Berg: Gotta be Jerry. Gotta be.

FuquaManuel: Jerry. But Charlie has his moments.

WholeCamels: Winning is great deodorant for the Manuels

Eric Simon: True of a lot of managers, Peter.

WholeCamels: Yup

dajafi: Charlie is a lousy tactician but a good clubhouse manager.

dajafi: Not sure what Jerry does well.

FuquaManuel: Russ Gload batting 3rd... that about says it, huh?

dajafi: But I'd take him over Omar Minaya.

Eric Simon: Jerry gives good press conferences. That's about it.

Ted Berg: Jerry Manuel pinch hit Omir Santos for Ramon Castro when Santos was in the bullpen not even watching the game and Castro already had two hits.

Ted Berg: I know that was a long time ago but its still damning.

WholeCamels: And Charlie can be loyal to fault, flipside to great clubhouse stuff.

dajafi: You'd think our morons might try to work walks with all the homers on the DL, but no.

WholeCamels: Lidge is my guy!

WholeCamels: Walks are for sissies.

Eric Simon: Once a closer, always a closer.

Ted Berg: Closer mentality.

WholeCamels: Lidge has been there before.

dajafi: And done poorly.

Eric Simon: What's a parachute changeup?

WholeCamels: Nice grab.

Ted Berg: I think Ruben Tejada may have stopped peeking at catchers.

Eric Simon: Halladay vs. Tejada is a brutal mismatch.

dajafi: I like that the Mets have gone young, but I'm not sure these guys are difference makers.

dajafi: More like solid spare parts.

Eric Simon: True that. Tejada is nothing special.

Alex Nelson: He's got the emo glasses.

WholeCamels: If it means clearing pricey oldsters it’s probally wise.

Eric Simon: I like Josh Thole. Good idea at the plate.

Alex Nelson: Nice try Ruben.

Ted Berg: Nah, but they might at least be cost-controlled contributors so they don't have to spend millions on Alex Cora.

dajafi: Hallasy with a "disgusted at the world's imperfection" bounce back inning.

dajafi: Yeah, Thole is gonna be good.

FuquaManuel: 8 pitches?

Ted Berg: Or spend half the off-season in desperate pursuit of Bengie Molina.

dajafi: He's what I'd hoped Lou Marson would be before we dealt him.

WholeCamels: Helps to pitch to Tejada and Dickey

Alex Nelson: Thole can be a Don Slaught.

dajafi: Though Ruiz is great.

FuquaManuel: Swing early, swing often. We gon' hit. Yadda, yadda.

WholeCamels: The Phillies tend to unload their roster filler prospects in trades and buy role players

FuquaManuel: Plate discipline.

dajafi: Raul Ibanez no longer making me think "he needs a smaller bat"

WholeCamels: I guess it’s worked.

dajafi: Dickey was a hard thrower when he started, no?

Eric Simon: Okay. Tejada earned his per diem today.

Ted Berg: He's looking less like Tom Morello as he ages. Ibanez that is.

dajafi: Tejada into leather.

Eric Simon: Does Morello play an Ibanez?

Ted Berg: Man, even though Tejada can't hit it’s so nice watching a 2b not named Luis Castillo.

WholeCamels: Raaauuuuullll sllllooowwww

Ted Berg: Bah

FuquaManuel: Loltran!

dajafi: That was pretty funny.

Alex Nelson: I didn't think that had a chance. Carlos Beltran either.

WholeCamels: He hit the Aaron Rowand Memorial Face Pad

Ted Berg: Hahaha.

FuquaManuel: Domonic Brown is tall.

dajafi: No awareness of the fence there.

Alex Nelson: I love OBA’s lower than Bas’.

WholeCamels: Wonder if Brown faced Dickey in AAA.

dajafi: BABIP gods angry at Phillies!

Alex Nelson: Schneider knows how to take a walk, no matter his other shortcomings.

Eric Simon: Schneider is exactly the player he was in Washington.

WholeCamels: Schneider's voice is hilarious.

dajafi: This was I think the third inning of the last 52 in which the Phillies scored vs. the Mets

Eric Simon: Will The Spill.

Eric Simon: Is there a bigger conceivable drop off than Chase Utley to Wilson Valdez?

dajafi: Utley to Castro.

Ted Berg: I can't believe he has four homers.

FuquaManuel: Neither can we.

Eric Simon: I can't believe he doesn't have 8.

FuquaManuel: Russ Gload!

WholeCamels: Gross load.

dajafi: Nice play by Gload.

WholeCamels: Saved a triple

Eric Simon: Sharp play.

dajafi: Probably saved a run.

Ted Berg: Obligatory Keith Hernandez comparison.

WholeCamels: Need to relocate the facial hair.

WholeCamels: Better mustache: Keith or Mike Schmidt?

Alex Nelson: Keith but he gets bonus points for Just for Men.

WholeCamels: No play for Mister Gray!

FuquaManuel: So I guess I'm the only one here watching the Phillies broadcast huh?

WholeCamels: I think so.

FuquaManuel: Considering T-Mac is the play-by-play guy, its still basically the Mets broadcast.

dajafi: Halladay still looks mad from the first inning.

FuquaManuel: Roy is pissed, yo.

Ted Berg: Wait there was a closed-door meeting with Jeff Francoeur?

Eric Simon: Just Jerry and Jeff.

Ted Berg: What did they tell him? Swing harder, son.

Eric Simon: Just that he'd be platooning with Fartinez.

WholeCamels: Did they just say you can't get Francoeur out when he's hot?

Eric Simon: I hope not.

Ted Berg: Yes, it happened once for a week.

WholeCamels: He hasn't been hot since 2005.

WholeCamels: I know he had a nice April.

Ted Berg: Then he went right back to being Jeff Francoeur.

Ted Berg: I have a vague theory that Francoeur might be better when he's got a lot of other out machines in the lineup.

dajafi: That loss last night was galling for the involvement of Frenchy, who sucks and is a douche, and KRod, who redefines douche

dajafi: At least Santana was involved. No shame in losing to him.

Eric Simon: Any douche conversation involving these teams begins and ends with Shane Victorino, right?

WholeCamels: Ha. Are you guys sad that Victorino is out?

FuquaManuel: Victorino wears those hideous Affliction t-shirts, which just about says it.

Ted Berg: And that white suit.

WholeCamels: He's eminently replaceable.

dajafi: Not a huge Victorino fan. He and Werth are special-needs ballplayers

Eric Simon: Do Phillies fans dislike Werth?

dajafi: Love/hate w Werth.

dajafi: He's so talented, yet so dumb.

WholeCamels: Jose Reyes is our Victorino, except he's been known to be really good.

dajafi: Great slide!

WholeCamels: Niiiiiiice Ross Gload.

FuquaManuel: That was really close. Thought he was dead in the water.

WholeCamels: Rollins is a tremendously smart baserunner.

Alex Nelson: Is Reyes really that douchey?

WholeCamels: I think with Reyes there are probably a lot of cultural factors. I don't think he'd be annoying if he didn't often own the Phillies.

Eric Simon: Reyes is a diva. I can see being annoyed by that.

dajafi: I wonder is Rollins fakes the limp he sometimes shows.

dajafi: Reyes used to anger me because he only hit for power vs the Phillies.

WholeCamels: Raaauuuuulllll.

Eric Simon: This got out of hand quickly.


FuquaManuel: Raaaaauuuuuuuuuuullllllll.

dajafi: Ball is really carrying today

Alex Nelson: Ah well.

dajafi: Great backup by Pagan there.

dajafi: See Werth watching his bloop rather than busting it there.

FuquaManuel: Would be a good time for Domonic to pop his BB cherry.

WholeCamels: He had a solid walk rate in the minors. Can't walk out of Allentown I guess.

dajafi: Wright has some magnet thing with Domonic

WholeCamels: Weird

WholeCamels: They're gonna see a lot of each other the next few years.

dajafi: This would be a nice run to cash.

dajafi: There it is

WholeCamels: Everybody hits!!

Eric Simon: Could use a bottle of Schneider Chardonnay right about now.

Alex Nelson: Dickey must feel deflated right now.

FuquaManuel: Okay, Schneider did that for all of us embarrassed jews.

dajafi: Schneider has hit much better than I thought he would. No defense though.

FuquaManuel: Everybody hits!

dajafi: Wow, even Valdez with a hit.

WholeCamels: Really... Errrrrbody hits.

Alex Nelson: Ugh.

dajafi: Surprising that Ike Davis didn't scoop that.

FuquaManuel: Bullpen action?

WholeCamels: Bad/good luck that.

dajafi: Valdes up for Mets.

WholeCamels: Could have used oh, maybe just ONE of these runs last night

WholeCamels: Mets guys have you been to Citizens Bank Park? Thoughts?

Eric Simon: I like it a lot.

Ted Berg: I've been a few times. It’s alright.

dajafi: What do you guys think of Citi Field?

dajafi: My Mets-fan friends don't love it.

Eric Simon: I love Citi Field.

Ted Berg: It’s a lot like a lot of the new parks.

WholeCamels: Yeah Citi Field is pretty good.

FuquaManuel: They are all made by the same company.

dajafi: That was my sense

Ted Berg: Distinguished, I think, by some of the best ballpark food in the world.

WholeCamels: Neither CBP or Citi are amazing in my opinion but they far surpass their predecessors.

dajafi: Last year I didn't think it was Mets-centric enough.

dajafi: Haven't been this year yet.

Eric Simon: That was a big gripe from Mets fans, David.

Ted Berg: They added the apple outside and some big Mets photos

Eric Simon: Definitely improved that area this year.

dajafi: So the Phillies have four innings of five-plus runs vs Mets, and have been shut out four times.

WholeCamels: The way they handled that doc gooden autograph thing was clumsy

WholeCamels: CBP has some Philadelphia A's stuff but not that much (Connie Mack statue, etc).

dajafi: My singular Citi Field experience in '09 was that they wouldn't sell me beer. Drivers license had just expired... though I think it was really my Phillies cap.

Ted Berg: Well probably it didn't help that they saw you intentionally vomiting on those children.

WholeCamels: The way they handled that Dwight Gooden autograph thing was clumsy. It was a great opportunity to do something organic and cool and they muffed it

Ted Berg: Oh, no doubt they muffed it, but why is Dwight Gooden randomly signing walls at some fan's behest? Because, you know, what if Sid Fernandez sees that and thinks its ok to tag up any wall he wants?

Eric Simon: Sid has a mean streak.

WholeCamels: I love the Sid stories from Pearlman's book.

dajafi: That was a really good book.

Ted Berg: I actually talked to Sid by phone a couple years ago for a piece on the 1988 team.

Alex Nelson: How could Sid be anything but friendly?

Ted Berg: True.

WholeCamels: Sid was briefly a Phillie. As was Fernando Valenzuela.

Alex Nelson: I always thought he would get the Mets' first no-no.

WholeCamels: Might walk 5 or 6 but yeah

dajafi: In the old days, Sid/Fernando were our Lee/Halladay/Oswalt

Alex Nelson: The Mets just do it better than anyone else.

WholeCamels: Yes, a good point.

Ted Berg: Then they put a big curtain over it, which was amazingly silly.

WholeCamels: To the Phillies credit they handle events well. Which is sort of like being awesome at tying your shoes.

dajafi: Nothing is easy with the Mets and Gooden/Strawberry.

dajafi: Raul Valdes in now.

Alex Nelson: We should get a Valdes/Valdes match up.

FuquaManuel: And Raul/Raul.

dajafi: Is Valdes considered promising?

Ted Berg: He's 33 or something.

Eric Simon: 32 year old rookie?

Alex Nelson: No.

dajafi: Looks like he has some decent pitches.

Eric Simon: Valdes isn't terrible. Decent hitter.

dajafi: He is what he is.

Alex Nelson: Valdes isn't terrible.

WholeCamels: One of those guys who exists solely to get Ryan Howard out.

Alex Nelson: He's better than Nieve.

Ted Berg: And he has got a pretty hardcore backstory.

dajafi: SNY guys were talking about his backstory.

dajafi: Effing Braves are winning 3-1

Eric Simon: Eff those guys.

Ted Berg: Here, here.

WholeCamels: Howard has had such a weird season.

dajafi: Singles hitter Ryan Howard?

FuquaManuel: Rays are getting no-hit again.

WholeCamels: Braves can go to hell.

Eric Simon: Least favorite Brave, current and historic?

Ted Berg: Chipper is the obvious call.

Alex Nelson: John Rocker. Followed by Chipper.

FuquaManuel: Chipper, Francoeur, Rocker, Smoltz.

WholeCamels: Oh man... Probably John Smoltz.

WholeCamels: Smoltz.

Ted Berg: Jeff Blauser. Just because.

WholeCamels: Billy Wagner

Alex Nelson: Mark Lemke.

FuquaManuel: I second Wagner.

dajafi: Larry Jones, Jr.

Eric Simon: Marcus Giles?

FuquaManuel: Melky Cabrera.

WholeCamels: Terry Forrester.

dajafi: Wagner a very close 2.

Eric Simon: Javy Lopez.

WholeCamels: I actually loved Greg Maddux.

Ted Berg: Me too.

dajafi: Thirded

Alex Nelson: Really? Always thought he was kind of a jerk.

Ted Berg: He was a hero to nerds everywhere.

dajafi: I liked Tom Glavine too.

Eric Simon: Oh. Eff Brian Jordan.

FuquaManuel: Does Bobby Cox count as a Brave?

dajafi: Sheffield was a loathesome Brave.

WholeCamels: Deion Sanders might be the worst person ever: a Cowboy AND a Brave!

Eric Simon: That's pretty bad.

dajafi: All Careys.

WholeCamels: FISTED

Alex Nelson: Loathsome.

Alex Nelson: Nice play.

FuquaManuel: Most unnecessary dive EVER.

Ted Berg: Eric Byrnes would disagree.

WholeCamels: Domonic Brown's goal here should be to draw a walk.

FuquaManuel: Never gonna happen. He's here to hack.

Alex Nelson: I think he should try to not make an out.

WholeCamels: Jim Edmonds.

dajafi: Three ball count

Eric Simon: Full count!

dajafi: Drama!

WholeCamels: Werth is leaving. It's been real.

dajafi: Damn.

FuquaManuel: That was low.

WholeCamels: Ohhhhh so close

Eric Simon: The wait continues.

Alex Nelson: He tried.

dajafi: It was a strike

WholeCamels: He did!

WholeCamels: Jimmy Rollins will scold him for not being aggressive.

WholeCamels: Lesson unlearned.

Ted Berg: Lots of goatees on the Phillies.

Eric Simon: What's Halladay’s pitch count?

FuquaManuel: 65

dajafi: Now 4-1 Braves

FuquaManuel: Rays now no-hit thru 7.

WholeCamels: Who's pitching vs. Rays?

FuquaManuel: Morrow. 14 Ks thru 7 for Morrow.

Ted Berg: Yikes really? What's his pitch count?

FuquaManuel: 102

Ted Berg: Wow only one walk

WholeCamels: Boooo

dajafi: How this keeps happening to the Rays, I have no idea.

dajafi: Reyes might be starting to go off.

WholeCamels: Reyes has Halladay’s number.

WholeCamels: Oh Domonic.

FuquaManuel: Damnit Roy.

dajafi: So this isn't good.

Eric Simon: Bad luck, I'd say.

FuquaManuel: I'm of the school of thought that Brown should be sent back down to the minors. He could use a bit more time I think.

Ted Berg: Most reasonable explanation I can think of.

Alex Nelson: People sure do talk about Pagan in different tones this year, don't they?

WholeCamels: Still don't know what to make of Pagan.

dajafi: Mets guys, are you generally happy with Beltran's tenure?

Ted Berg: Big time. Yes.

Eric Simon: Yes. Beltran has been generally terrific.

Ted Berg: Many Mets fans feel otherwise.

FuquaManuel: Big out right here.

Eric Simon: Many Mets fans love Jeff Francoeur.

Ted Berg: Can't see past taking strike 3 to end a series he carried them through.

WholeCamels: Beltran is probably my favorite Met.

dajafi: That has been my sense. He's kind of the Abreu of the Mets

WholeCamels: But with exceptional defense.

Eric Simon: Right.

dajafi: Yes, much better glove.

dajafi: Guys like us appreciate him, many others don’t.

Eric Simon: Uh. What is happening here?

Alex Nelson: That is bizarre.

Ted Berg: Philadelphia is weird.

dajafi: The Phanatic here might prowl my nightmares.

WholeCamels: By the way the Phanatic smells awful.

Eric Simon: You sound surprised.

Alex Nelson: All mascots do.

dajafi: It’s hot in there.

Eric Simon: Part of its charm.

WholeCamels: The Phillies are a first rate second rate franchise.

Eric Simon: Mets, too.

WholeCamels: The Phanatic and Mr. Met are the two best.

dajafi: The Mets right now are a third rate first rate franchise.

WholeCamels: Then what are the Cubs? A hockey team?

dajafi: Family entertainment with a subtle philosophy lesson.

Alex Nelson: Was just about to ask who is better.

Eric Simon: Haha. I was thinking the same thing, David.

FuquaManuel: Phillies are done hitting for the day.

dajafi: With a better front office, they'd be perennially excellent.

Ted Berg: 15 K’s for Morrow.

dajafi: Wow.

FuquaManuel: That's a wild looking curve that Takahashi throws.

dajafi: Wow, close at first.

FuquaManuel: 16 K’s now.

Alex Nelson: Great recovery David.

Ted Berg: Also, did I miss Takahashi getting pulled from the rotation when I was on vacation?

WholeCamels: Jeez, Wright is good.

Eric Simon: Might've been out. Crazy play.

Ted Berg: Looked out but close enough I guess.

dajafi: Wright is pretty amazing. Not sure who's superior between he and Zimmerman with the glove.

Ted Berg: Morrow through 8.

Ted Berg: Wright is occasionally prone to throwing lapses.

Eric Simon: I think Zimmerman is pretty clearly the superior defender.

Alex Nelson: Zimmerman is more consistent, I think.

WholeCamels: With Polanco there is some great 3B defense in NL East.

FuquaManuel: I'm tempted to switch over to Rays-Jays.

dajafi: I might be distorted by a couple miscues Zimmerman made against us last weekend.

Ted Berg: I've got the Jays going on the computer.

FuquaManuel: Roy's at 80 pitches now, by the way. So there's a chance we see Lidge today.

WholeCamels: Wright has had a weird career arc so far (brief as it is).

Alex Nelson: Well it's really just last year that makes it look odd.

dajafi: Is the Rays game on anywhere? Not seeing on MLBN or ESPN.

Eric Simon:

WholeCamels: This is far from over.

FuquaManuel: Lots of lefties in the Mets pen. Wow.

WholeCamels: Aauugghh

FuquaManuel: Oh god.

Ted Berg: Yeah, but one of them is Oliver Perez.

Eric Simon: Something interesting brewing here.

dajafi: That the Mets have had a shutout every seven games is insane.

dajafi: We got troubles.

WholeCamels: Live by the Gload. And Reyes in the hole

FuquaManuel: This is frustrating considering that they haven't hit anything THAT hard.

Eric Simon: Why, is there a game on or something?

Alex Nelson: Mets can't hit anything hard.

dajafi: Could turn out to be a typical crazy-ass Phillies-Mets game. Though usually it’s the Mets who take the big early lead and the Phillies with the wild late rally.

FuquaManuel: Chris Wheeler is a moron.

WholeCamels: At least tomorrow is an off day.

dajafi: Good at-bat.

Eric Simon: Productive out, or something. 6-4 Phillies.

Ted Berg: Productive outs.

dajafi: This is not Maximum Roy today.

Alex Nelson: Buster Olney is smiling somewhere.

FuquaManuel: Damn. This sucks.

Ted Berg: The animal!

Eric Simon: The Animal strikes! 6-5 Phillies.

WholeCamels: Ohhhhh, dirty.

dajafi: Way too much plate.

Alex Nelson: Animal!

dajafi: Reyes ready to stomp our giblets.

WholeCamels: Ok, tie game.

Ted Berg: Wait, Jerry's not going to automatically pinch run for Carter?

WholeCamels: Don't worry Gload will provide.

Alex Nelson: Shhh

Eric Simon: Morrow has one out in the ninth.

FuquaManuel: Rollins' bases-loaded AB in the 3rd is looking that much worse.

dajafi: Weird to see Halladay pitching around anyone

Eric Simon: Mets haven't won two straight in 40 games.

dajafi: Now Rays on MLBN.

FuquaManuel: That's what the Phillies are here for.

Ted Berg: Yeah I didn't realize that and it’s totally crazy

Alex Nelson: 40 games is a lot

dajafi: Ball four to Zobrist

Eric Simon: Quarter of a season.

Eric Simon: That's not a strike.

WholeCamels: High.

FuquaManuel: No command.

WholeCamels: Halladay is unraveling.

Eric Simon: Blah. Four balls so far.

Alex Nelson: Nice pitch there.

Ted Berg: Our ask the booth folder blows up when Gary updates people on other games, by the way.

WholeCamels: Ok.

Eric Simon: Morrow has two outs in the ninth.

WholeCamels: Beltran scares me here.

Alex Nelson: People don't like it?

Ted Berg: Yeah, people DVR-ing. Usually it’s more other NY games than situations like this.

Eric Simon: Used to that ball being called a strike Peter?

Alex Nelson: I figured.

dajafi: Wow, Longoria ends it

Eric Simon: No-no broken up.

WholeCamels: Charlie waiting too long

Alex Nelson: Ouch

FuquaManuel: Damn. Damn. Damn.

WholeCamels: Halladay should get Glavine plate

dajafi: And Halladay hangs on.

WholeCamels: Wow.

Ted Berg: Bah.

FuquaManuel: We need runs. Like 5 of them.

dajafi: It was in Hill's glove.

Alex Nelson: Maybe the Mets will bring in Oliver.

dajafi: 132 pitches for Morrow now... And MLBN cuts away. Oh well.

Eric Simon: Beltran out of the game. Three whiffs today.

WholeCamels: Did Morrow get screwed?

dajafi: No, it was a clean infield hit. Hill had to cover a lot of ground just to get to it.

dajafi: The Mets delivered a taint-kick against us last September, off Madson. Not sure who I want to see in 8th.

WholeCamels: I thought David Cone deserved a little more Hall of Fame consideration.

WholeCamels: I was at that Madson game last year with my wife and her Mets fan boss. Awwkwarrrd!

Alex Nelson: Pet peeve of mine is how these guys just get written off. Guys like Cone. Ventura. Whitaker. Simmons.

FuquaManuel: Yeah, this 1 run lead feels like it has no chance of holding up.

dajafi: Probably, we'll see Francisco pinch hit for Domonic.

Ted Berg: Beltran gets a month of leeway, Francoeur gets 5 years.

dajafi: Madson up. Hmmm.

WholeCamels: This is shaping up!

dajafi: Tough call on 1-1

WholeCamels: Not sure if Cone was a Hall of Famer, but I don't think he made it past first ballot.

Alex Nelson: Some guys who might not belong in the Hall of Fame but deserve a discussion they never get.

dajafi: Strategy all round.

WholeCamels: Multiple rings, hardware, big east coast teams...

WholeCamels: Manuel and strategy.

FuquaManuel: Great to see Charlie is so committed to getting the future of our franchise at-bats against lefties.

WholeCamels: Whitaker and Trammel should get one plaque.

Eric Simon: Nice double play there.

FuquaManuel: That worked out great.

Ted Berg: Effective work, Manny Acosta.

dajafi: Yeah, this might not be our day.

WholeCamels: Best case scenario, Lidge still pitches.

Eric Simon: That's the best you can hope for?

Ted Berg: You guys are overrating the bottom half of the Mets lineup.

WholeCamels: Kind of just talking about 8th inning.

WholeCamels: You are underestimating combustibility of the Phillies’ bullpen.

dajafi: The Mets had a game a couple weeks back against the Cardinals where they fell behind something like 7-0 and came back to tie before losing. If they'd won that, might have turned things around for them. Now today is that game.

dajafi: Crap, Romero warming.

FuquaManuel: "Phillies bullpen is going to be asked to get 6 outs with a 1-run lead." This is how all of my nightmares begin.

WholeCamels: Charlie puts worst relievers in highest leverage situations. Always.

Eric Simon: Same with Jerry.

dajafi: Veteran pitcher gets rookie hitter

Ted Berg: I think I have to like Antonio Bastardo because his name sounds like it could be a primus song.

WholeCamels: Ted that's hilarious

Alex Nelson: As good a reason as any

FuquaManuel: Madson can't pitch the 9th though, the book says so!

dajafi: Thole, pinch-hit in 9th?

Eric Simon: That eighth inning could have gone better.

Alex Nelson: Stop being so picky, Eric.

FuquaManuel: Runs. We need them. We all need them.

Ted Berg: Also they used Castillo so they don't have anyone to replace Tejada in the field.

Eric Simon: Lidge kind of looks like Mac from "It's Always Sunny".

dajafi: With Valdez and Dobbs due, inning basically over.

WholeCamels: Bare hands, no!

dajafi: Ok, maybe not. But still probably

Alex Nelson: Valdez taught you.

FuquaManuel: Weak popup to 2nd, calling it now.

WholeCamels: Dobbs might do his good thing for the season.

dajafi: Bit of luck there.

WholeCamels: Grace. Looked like he had the toe

dajafi: Mets might be a year from having an infield defense almost as good as their 1999-2000 group.

Eric Simon: He had toe!

WholeCamels: With nail polish.

Eric Simon: Yikes. Dobbs. /shakes head.

FuquaManuel: Ha, dajafi was right!

dajafi: Wow. PLEASE cut him now

Alex Nelson: Maybe. Reyes isn't in the same class as Ordonez even if Rey was overrated.

FuquaManuel: The Phillies are suddenly an atrocious baserunning team.

Ted Berg: Maybe he thought Barajas was catching.

WholeCamels: Next time I want to see Dobbs is at 10th reunion in 2018.

dajafi: Werth and Victorino do enough that you can sort of forgive the imbecility. Dobbs, NO.

dajafi: This is going to hurt.

WholeCamels: Over/under on baserunners: 2.5.

dajafi: Ugh.

FuquaManuel: Well, this is going to suck. He's my closer.

WholeCamels: Great command.

dajafi: Thole odds of reaching base are pretty good.

Alex Nelson: Lidge looking great.

Eric Simon: Who's the most popular Phillies closer of the past decade? Least popular?

FuquaManuel: 2008 Lidge, Jose Mesa.

FuquaManuel: First two pitches say it all. Mets win.

Alex Nelson: I love Thole.

Ted Berg: Nice.

Eric Simon: Can't take one season. All or nothing.

WholeCamels: Scary but Wagner was the best. But loathed him.

dajafi: I hate all closers. Myers was a miserable human being but the least upsetting closer, or Wagner, who also was a bad guy.

Ted Berg: I really hope he's taking a strike before bunting here.

FuquaManuel: Oh good god.

WholeCamels: Eric, it’s Tom Gordon by default.

dajafi: Lidge might not record an out.

dajafi: Gordon was likable

WholeCamels: Charlie's guy!

dajafi: Lidge is a good guy, just a bad pitcher.

FuquaManuel: Charlie has more confidence in Lidge than Lidge has in himself.

WholeCamels: Loved Gordon.

dajafi: True Eric A

dajafi: No play at second there?

Ted Berg: Kind of like a bunt.

FuquaManuel: If we can just keep this thing tied...

Eric Simon: Thole was running for some reason.

WholeCamels: Yeah, kind of hit and run.

dajafi: Need the Bruntlett miracle here.

WholeCamels: Why "The Animal?"

Ted Berg: Ron Darling predicting homer.

Alex Nelson: Ronnie calls an "Animal" homer. We can turn it off.

FuquaManuel: That's two sliders that should now be in the seats.

dajafi: I have it on mute.

Eric Simon: I think he's really intense. Or was.

Ted Berg: The "Animal" because he's crazy intense.

WholeCamels: Or he's a Muppet.

Ted Berg: Could be both.

Alex Nelson: Probably is both.

WholeCamels: Ok.

FuquaManuel: Ok, just no homers. I'd settle for a single.

Eric Simon: Reyes has had a good day to this point.

Ted Berg: Alright Jose, how bout it?

dajafi: Almost thinking walk him.

Alex Nelson: Come on Jose.

Ted Berg: Looked inside.

WholeCamels: Best fastball of the year.

FuquaManuel: 93.

dajafi: Rare good movement on the first fastball.

Eric Simon: Meh.

dajafi: YEAH

Ted Berg: Damnit.

Alex Nelson: Game over.

WholeCamels: Holy crap

dajafi: Phew.

FuquaManuel: ZOMG! I honestly can't believe it.

Eric Simon: Mathematically eliminated yet?

dajafi: Escapism.

Alex Nelson: I hope so.

WholeCamels: Most valuable player: Raul Ibanez or Jerry Manuel?

WholeCamels: Did Halladay have a good outing or a great game?

Eric Simon: Some combination thereof.

FuquaManuel: Good game.

WholeCamels: 10 K’s

WholeCamels: Loving Keith's chain

dajafi: My wife notes Keith's porno stache

dajafi: Which is pretty epic

Eric Simon: Definitely epic.

Ted Berg: Legendary.

WholeCamels: Mike Schmidt was dead ringer for Harry Reems.

Alex Nelson: The stuff legends are made of.

FuquaManuel: How does one define a "porn-stache" anyways? Aren't all mustaches porn staches?

Ted Berg: I think yes.

WholeCamels: Robbie Alomar 1988 was not a porn stache.

WholeCamels: More like El Debarge.

WholeCamels: PS Eff Atlanta.

Eric Simon: Indeed.

Ted Berg: That.

FuquaManuel: Alrighty, this was fun, but my thumbs really hurt, got to go get my post-game ice treatment.

FuquaManuel: Thanks all.

Alex Nelson: Absolutely.

Ted Berg: Peace.