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Some Phillies Links For You, September 1, 2010: Down the Stretch, MetsFail, Chapmania!

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Oswalt, Kershaw clash to open final month
Kershaw winless against the Phillies in his career.

LHP Chapman hits 102 mph in debut
Dusty Baker licking his chops... another arm to destroy!

Phillies Notebook: Polanco, Howard, Utley in dry spell for Phillies

"I want to play Domonic some, but at the same time I look at our lineup, and, like I've said before, that's our lineup," the manager said. "Like I've said before, too, I think he's going to be a tremendous player. I think he needs experience, but also I think that if we are going to get it done, that's our team. I believe in that lineup, and I think that's the one that's carried us in the past, and I think that's how it's got to be. I've stuck with some guys all year long. I don't see the sense in not playing them now."

Then he should have gone back to Triple-A. Oh well, spilled milk, who cares about the development of your top prospect?

Dan Gross: Madsons going green in Wayne
Good for the Madsons.

Nats’ Strasburg to have surgery in L.A. on Friday
This really is too bad.

Phillies Earl Weaver-ed the Dodgers
This link is for Wet Luzinski.

Niese unable to contain Braves in defeat
The New York Mets... is there anything they CAN do?

Torres' homer leads Giants to 5-2 win over Rockies
The Giants keep pace with the Phillies and remain two games back in the loss column.

Let the shut outs continue.... Astros 3, Cardinals 0 - The Crawfish Boxes
The Cardinals keep foundering, dropping three games back of the Phillies in the loss column.