What was the best individual single game hitting performance up to this point?

I am interested to see what the population here has for the best individual (single game) hitting performance of the season so far. I am interested on seeing which games you dig up as well as what you value in a hitting performance.

Do you value one hit that wins the game or do you value multi hit games? I have some examples here for the lazy but am interested to see what else you can find.

- Carlos Ruiz, August 12, 2010.

3-5, 3 RBIs, 1 run

2 singles, 1 double. Walk off double against the Dodgers

- Raul Ibanez, August 5, 2010

3-4, 1 RBI, 1 run, 1 walk

Double, single, single

RBI in the top of the 9th to bring score to 4-3, game tying run. Phils win in 10 vs. Marlins

- Jayson Werth, April 24, 2010

2-4, 2 runs, 2 RBI

2 solo HR's, including go-ahead run in the top of the 9th. Phils win 3-2, Werth responsible for two of the runs

- Ryan Howard, June 18, 2010

4-4, 3 RBIs, 3 runs

1 double, 1 triple, 2 HR

Phillies beat Twins 9-5

There are many other games I did not touch and would be interested to see what you can dig up. I did not even mention Utley, Victorino, Polanco, etc.

So what do you think was the best individual single-game hitting performance so far?