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Phriday Phillies Links Phor You, September 10, 2010: Stand by Your Men

Phillies Notes: Phillies' Rollins feeling better, Amaro says
Like "Simon Says," but smuggerer.

We'll see.

In Atlanta, no less. Jurrjens taking on water. Atlanta last 10: 4-6. Phillies: 8-2.

The story I want to see is "Scout who talked Amaro into signing Nate Robertson forced to commit ritual self-punishment," but I can't link to what's not there. And speaking of what's not there, Chip Lawrence now works for the Padres.

It's Late Summer, and the Phillies are on the Move
One thing I'll miss about not having Donovan McNabb around is how cemented he was in the minds of New York media types as a nemesis, but the "It's September and the Phillies are going to cut your heart out" meme isn't bad, either. Anyways: Amaro tidbit:

Amaro has a World Series championship ring from 2008 and a National League ring from last season. These days he wears the N.L. ring, because the Phillies somehow win more often when he does.

Phillies at Mets preview
Wonder if the Phillies can score ActualRuns this time through CitiField.

Mind over matter for Hamels this season
Off-season practice with spoons made fixing the cutter child's play. Oh, and there's this from David Murphy, you meddling kids:

One of the great misconceptions of the last year in Phillies baseball is that Hamels was never himself in 2009, when he finished the regular season with a 4.32 ERA and then logged four disappointing starts in the postseason.

Also at the bottom of this story, there's this:

Double A Reading announced plans for a $10 million renovation to FirstEnergy Stadium.

which has me a little alarmed, though I can't find any more details than that just yet. The place is one of the best minor-league parks in the country as is.

Is Ryan Howard One of the Greatest Run Producers of All Time? - Bleacher Report
I know, I know, but before you roll your eyes, it's not a typical nob-slobber from BR. And the discussion is pretty interesting.

Giants-Padres postgame thread: McCovey Chronicles
Some lulz here. Getting tighter out west.