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Some Phillies Links for You: September 14, 2010: Role-ing along, the P-word, GRIT and HUSTLE in Florida

Phils go deep and fillet Fish

"We're used to playing with 45,000 people," Werth said, "and here we had what, four?"

The die is cast for Wilson Valdez: the season-ending double play, or the Bruntlettesque winning run of the WS. 

Ryan Howard on Entourage. Is that what the kids are into these days? /old man who only watches baseball'd.

Turtle, a Yankees fan, and Howard have some playful jousting about the 2009 World Series. Ultimately, Howard declines to throw money at the project and Turtle moves down the list, calling New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees next.
He also said THE P-WORD! Say it ain't so.

"K" You Very Much! Lowe Strikes Out 12, Braves Win 4-0 - Talking Chop
Damn you, Yunesky Maya!

Jimmy Rollins back in Phillies' fold...well, sort of
Ryan Lawrence with the injury updates, and the pitching rotation for the Braves' series.

Josh Johnson shut down? - Fish Stripes
We knew this yesterday, but a bit more exposition here, confirmed later,  about this tremendous pitcher.

Rockies 4, Padres 6: Rockies' Winning Streak Ends at 10 Games
::Padres desperately cast about for another silver bullet::

Nothing doing for Yankees as Rays take 1st

A most extraordinary game in Florida, I mean, Tampa, with a change in the AL East leaderboard.