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Some Phillies Links For You, September 15, 2010: Hey Everybody!, Cole Hamels Beast Mode, Big Brain on Brett

Phillies Notebook: Rollins' return to Phillies' starting lineup might take a while
He needs to take his time and focus on being ready for the postseason (if necessary).

Bill Conlin: Halladay among most worthy award candidates
Felix wept.

Key dates on 2011 schedule | The Phillies Zone
The Phillies complete 2011 schedule released. Of note, the Phillies are opening the season 0-3 at home against the Houston Astros.

PHILLIES NOTES: Oswalt to flip spots with Kendrick
Everything is proceeding nicely.

Phillies' Big Three Lined Up for Braves
This Big Three is kind of cool, huh?

The Fightins - Cole Hamels says the Eff and Ess Word
Audio Not Safe For Work. Suffice it to say, the Marlins' announcers are a bunch of choads.

Justice: Myers' fire acts as fuel to Astros' machine

"I didn't want to leave Philly," Myers said. "They made a decision. It was fine with me at the time, and it's fine with me now. "

As much as I wish Myers were still here, and pitching this well, I really don't know if it would have worked out that way.

Astros Pull For Brett Myers to Win Major Award
It could be a bowling alley!

Padres beat Rockies 7-6, fans lose finger nails - Gaslamp Ball
The Padres beat the Rockies for the second night in a row, which is remarkable in September. Also, they irrationally hate Jayson Werth.

Mr. National Livan Hernandez Hits HR, Shuts Atlanta Braves Out Over 8.0, Washington Nationals Win 6-0. - Federal Baseball
Damn Braves, you just got PWNED.

Diamondbacks 3, Reds 1: That's Our Hero Shot - AZ Snakepit
The Phillies gain another game in the best overall NL record race, too.