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Some Phillies Links For You, September 20, 2010: Werth Walks (It Off), Blueclaws Boogie, Three Amigos!

As Braves roll in, Phils hitting September stride
You bet your ass they are.

Historic Title Victory For Lakewood -
The Lakewood Blueclaws claimed their second straight South Atlantic League title over the weekend. Our man on the scene Jay Ballz has all the info on it.

Talent makes 'Claws a memorable team
The Lakewood roster had been widely praised as one of the most talented in all of professional baseball. Hopefully this will translate to more success further up the line.

Visit by Braves has postseason implications
You don't say?

Derrek Lee's grand slam gives Braves sweep of Mets before pivotal series with Phils
Thank you, Mets. No, really.

Weekend Buzz: Twins find ingredients for October home cookin'
The key ingredient to the dish is MASHED TATERS, RIGHT JIM JAM?

Werth hires Boras with free agency looming
Let's all take a minute to remember Jayson Werth.  Plus: Don't you love the timing of the announcement?  Classic Scott Boras.

Brown, Mathieson earn minor league honors
Who on earth is Domonic Brown?

Nyjer Morgan hosts Phillies fan hit by his throw
What a weird story.

Phillies’ Lidge Finds His Slider Again
Please, just keep it together for one more season.

Are 'Big Three' the best trio in Phils' history?
My definitive answer: Probably!