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Some Phillies Links For You, September 21, 2010: Cole Glow, Jimmy Limps Again

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Rollins optimistic, but not sure he'll be healthy for playoffs
Just wanted to pee in everyone's Cheerios really quick.

Werth switches agents to un-Phillies-friendly Scott Boras
I wonder if anyone really even cares about the J.D. Drew thing anymore, besides the fans.

Frank: Charlie Manuel's livin' the dream

Hamels lasted eight innings. He has given up just two earned runs in his past 39 2/3 innings -- spanning five starts -- for an ERA of 0.45. He has a 1.74 ERA over his past 14 starts, dating back to July 11.

Good Lord.

Stan Hochman: MLB picks South Philly's Anderson rec center for Urban Youth Academy
I'm pretty excited about this, it's my old neighborhood.

On deck for Halladay: 20 wins and a place in Phillies history
This would be a cool achievement, but I'm sure Halladay is just more concerned about winning the postseason.

Phillies vs. Braves: Big Play X-ray | Philadelphia Daily News
I kind of like this feature.

Rich Hofmann: 'Wanting to' explains Phillies' torrid second half
If only it were that easy.

Paul Hagen: Lidge getting to be dependable again for Phillies
I kind of feel creepy saying it, but it's true.

Rockies' humidor system has a few skeptics

In a May game in Philadelphia, the Rockies caught Phillies bullpen coach Mick Billmeyer using binoculars to steal signs, a violation. MLB ordered Billmeyer to ditch the binoculars during games.

Well I'll be damned, they proved this?

Hamels transforms into a prime mover - MLB - Yahoo! Sports
In reading all these articles, I'm getting the impression that Cole Hamels was awful last season. - The Phillie Phanatic and Derek Jeter Star in New ESPN SportsCenter Commercial
I kind of like the thought of the Phanatic doing "down there" with Jeter's razor.