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Some Phillies Links for You: September 22, 2010: Halladay's 20th, Twins are Ins, So Long and Thanks for all the Cox

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Halladay wins 20, Recalling Carlton in '82

Steve Carlton in 1982 is the reason I fell in love with baseball.

Amen. For me it was Steve Carlton in 1976. So guys like this don't come around on a Phillies roster all that often. Enjoy it.

Rookie mistakes sink the Braves
McCann didn't help either, but Victorino's arm looks better now than it did earlier this season.

Sheridan: Eagles couldn't steal the Phillies' thunder
Remember when the Eagles looked like a witit organization and the Phillies made really weird decisions that made you wonder who was really in charge?

Rollins remains in holding pattern
Just wait until he tries to claim his luggage. Also of note: Phillies will honor Bobby Cox tonight. A lifetime supply of creatively modified foam fingers, perhaps?

Cox earns respect (and wins) to the end

A Pat Gillick sighting at the Phillies' brass luncheon for Bobby Cox yesterday.

Gillick hasn't ruled out returning as GM
The Brett Favre of baseball GMs.

Bobby Cox is fighting to the very end
Unsure if I want this to be the last time we see Bobby Cox at CBP or not. The Phils match up pretty well should it come to that. Meh, out of principle I'll vote "Last time."

Spandex-clad Phillies fan released to parents
You'll have to figure out a way to pay that RISD application fee yourself, boy.

Scott Lauber: Phillies OF Jayson Werth a look
Wait, didn't Scott Lauber used to write about a team that mattered? OH BURN

Twins win, clinch AL Central after White Sox lose
Now that they built that damn new stadium, they'll just print money and win division crowns.