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Some Phillies Links for You, September 23, 2010: Sweep-a-licious, Surge of Lidge, Tinkering Hamels

Mechanical Adjustments Get Cole Hamels Back on Track in 2010
I'm not exactly sure what he did or how he did it, but whatever it is, it seems to be working.

Ken Burns Baseball: Feeding the Passion - WHYY
The website launched to coincide with the release of the "Tenth Inning" of Ken Burns' acclaimed "Baseball" documentary series. Maybe this time he'll, you know, actually MENTION the Philadelphia Phillies.

Phillies' Rollins returning this weekend?  - Yahoo! Sports
Honestly, at this point, I kind of just want him to chill until the final weekend of the season, so he's fresh for the playoffs. There, I said it.

Phillies star Shane Victorino visits Pennridge HS
Local high schooler won contest to promote dangers of texting while driving. She gets life time supply of Ed Hardy "White Trash Formalwear" t-shirts.  Hint: Skip to about :40 on the video.

McCaffery: Valdez might make Rollins expendable

Sam Donnellon: Manuel never quit on Phillies closer Lidge

Charlie has a story about any topic you could conjure up. So, I asked, was he ever in a situation similar to the one the Eagles coach was this week, balancing here and now with then or later, balancing short-term gain with long-term damage. "David Bell," he said. "Not Brad Lidge?" he was asked. "David Bell," he repeated.

Well, we all kind of knew this already, huh?

Paul Hagen: Phillies' toughest NL foe? Phillies
I'm freaking out.

Phils need Romero to be better down stretch

Oswalt, Ibanez lift Phils to 10th straight win
You bet your ass!

Lidge, Bullpen Thrive on Trickle Down Effect
Absolutely true. Having awesome, durable starters takes a ton of stress off your bullpen.

Phillies’ Comcast ratings set another record
Not a baseball town.

For Mike Sweeney, Playoff Come Into Focus
I would gladly accept a hug from this man.