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Some Phillies Links for You, September 24, 2010: Lazy Eating, Long-Range Planning, Ruben Roster Master

Phanatic Statue Signed by 2010 Phillies Team Up for Online Auction Today
No Juan Castro?!!?

At Bat App Allows Phillies Fans to Order Food From Seats
We are one step closer to a Wall-E world.

The Phanatic Magazine: Phillies set another ratings record
What's the alternative, Two and a Half Men re-runs? Phillies please.

Mets won't likely chase star free agents like Cliff Lee, Carl Crawford and Jayson Werth in offseason
In other news, I won't likely chase Kate Hudson, Marisa Miller, and Kate Beckinsale for romantic interludes in the coming months.

September surge may offer a rest
Best record in baseball would be the dopest but a rested H20 going into the playoffs is preferable.

Paul Hagen: Making a pitch for Halladay at NL MVP

Bill Conlin: Utility man Valdez is feather in Phillies' cap

Phils' successful 2010 due to many moves
Hard to give Ruben Amaro, Jr. anything but big, big credit for what he accomplished this season.

And lastly, from Phoul Ballz comes video of Trevor May's impressive/worrisome dance performance during the lockerroom celebration after clinching the South Atlantic League Championship.

Enjoy your weekend, friends: