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Some Phillies Links For You, September 27, 2010: Playoffs?! Yes, Rookie Hazing, Pleased Mets

Mets downplay blocking Phillies from clinching NL East
Seriously, it must have been supremely satisfying for the Mets and their fans.

Paul Hagen: Backing in wouldn't be as much fun for Phillies
I'm sure they'd take it however they can get it.

Rollins tries pinch hitting, but he's a bit impatient
It was truly a terrible at-bat.

Giants take over NL West as Rockies fade
Someone wake me when the playoff matchups are set.

Jair Jurrjens to Have Injection Monday, Still Hoping to Make Another Start
Braves looking wobbly...

No Clinching, More Hazing - Philled In

Of course, that doesn’t mean there was nothing to enjoy postgame. It was rookie hazing day, and all the Phillies’ rookies got some skimpy outfits to wear on the ride to Washington. Among the highlights: A tiny cop outfit with stripper shorts for Antonio Bastardo. A women’s track suit for John Mayberry. A cop outfit so small that Vance Worley needed the help of two teammates to get his top buttoned. And Brian Bocock had a tight red fireman’s outfit on.

I don't feel so good.

Clinching Will Have to Wait
Thank goodness for Imodium.

Charlie Manuel, Phillies incensed about New York Mets calling 'timeout' during Brad Lidge's windup
That really was some BS.

Constructing the Phillies 2010 Playoff Roster
Needs more Sardinha!

Hey, I Get E-mails From Kyle Kendrick! - SB Nation Philly
OK, this is just weird.