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Some Phillies Links For You, September 28, 2010: Hangover Champs, Sweeney Rules, H2Whoaaa

Damn kids.    (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)
Damn kids. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Phils Ride September Sizzle to (another) N.L. East Crown
I really don't want to believe that this team can "turn it on" in September, but they're certainly looked that way the past four seasons or so.

Sweeney influences visit to wounded veterans by Phillies
Mike Sweeney = Awesomest Dude

Howard & Sweeney: The Pupil Leads the Teacher
Dusty, allergies, etc.

MLB Power Poll: Phillies back where it all began - Sporting News
Hey guyz, the Phillies won the Power Poll!! ::eyeroll::

Paul Hagen: Phillies' NL East title is sweet for Sweeney
Wow, this really is Sweeney's Hour, huh? I love it.

Phillies Notebook: Rollins weathers another night out of Phillies lineup
At this point, you just let him rest and get a few at-bats.

The Goessling Game: What can the Nationals learn from the Phillies? They're just better
This took years to build. The Nationals are just now getting some decent talent.

Phils may only pitch H2O in NLDS
Damn right, they should!

The Fightins - Scenes from an NL East clincher
Including another epic Mike Sweeney hug.

The Fightins - "It was fun, but it’s only gonna get funner."
This will be the "Why Can't Us?" of 2010, right?

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