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Some Phillies Links For You, September 29, 2010: Getting Work In, Rollins Hobbled, Three Aces

Phillies' Rollins not 100% till February?  - Yahoo! Sports
Not surprising, leg injuries are tricky.

Moyer trying to work his way back onto postseason roster

Bill Conlin: For Phillies, Werth is worth keeping

Jamie Moyer is off the books next season. That's $6.5 million. Raul Ibanez is off in 2012, $11.5 million more. Could Dave Montgomery find $11.5 million more to pay Werth next season (plus the $6.5 million saved on Moyer)? Then in 2012, he'll have the full $18 million to play with.

There's the little matter of Ryan Howard's contract extension too.

Halladay expected to start Game 1 of NLDS

Hinske's pinch-hit 2-run homer leads Braves
Braves now lead NL Wild Card by 1 1/2 games over Padres, but got the news that they lost Martin Prado for the season.

2010 NL Playoff Race: Padres Lose Ground To Giants And Braves - SB Nation Bay Area
Giants extend their NL West lead to two full games.

Phils opt for 3-man rotation in NLDS
Don't mess it up!

Phillies begin playoff prep in loss to Nats
(Todd, it's OK, you can say they were hungover.)

Salisbury: Phils Face Decisions Before Postseason
Charlie Manuel has to decide who lives and who dies.