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Some Phillies Links For You, September 3, 2010: Attack on Denver, Savage Philly Brutes, Free Tyson

Rockies fall to Philly, drop 6 1/2 games behind in wild card
This is one of the most woebegone articles ever written. O NOES.

Dear Philadelphia Phillies (A Rockies Eulogy)
Awwwww, what's the matter, sweetie?  Seriously, what a schmuck.

Galvis' glove helps R-Phils go out in style
You expected his bat?  Wait, what?

Paul Hagen: Phillies have playoff pieces in place | Philadelphia Daily News
Pretty much agree witchoo, Paul.

Two behind Braves, Phils get crack at Capuano
Please, score a jillion runs tonight.

Tyson Gillies Pleads Innocent To Cocaine Charges - SB Nation Philly
Well, I'd only object to the "complete bomb" comment in light of the fact that he was injured basically all season.

Cole Hamels on the Cy Young Award Ballot?
It's a bit much to expect any significant number of voters to look at DIPS (FIP, SIERA, etc.) when casting their ballots. That said, if Hamels has a great September, and a couple of the current leaders falter, he might sneak into the top five, but that's it.

Phillies focus on winning division - The Denver Post
Seriously, Colorado, the Wild Card is for nurds.

Mets 4, Braves 2: All Your Braves Are Belong To Us - Amazin' Avenue
It's nice to see that Johan Santana and the Mets are good for something other than golf course shenanigans.