Brad Lidge Wobblehead Night

Promoted as promised. Well done, TwistyWristy. I used it to great effect in tonight's game chatter. For a little context, inspiration came from this story in the Denver Post. - Wet Luzinski

In honor of our "wobbly closer" Brad Lidge, it's wobblehead night!
The first 5000 fans will receive a hastily, but lovingly crafted Brad Lidge Wobblehead. While they are not necessarily collectors items, they can be thought of as treasure of another man's trash.

Big thanks to perfectdepth, the creative genius in the marketing department who came up with the idea and our sponsor, Wet Luinski. Of course, we also have to thank all of our fans, who give their support to Lidge or at least boo him during ninth inning havoc to let him know you care.