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Firstplaceapaloozalinks for you, September 8, 2010: Boob job, A Lidge'l stiff, It's WAR!

Phillies grab first place as fan grabs second base:
This tableau of Ashburn Alley groundlings from last night's game does evoke this morning's mood rather nicely.As best we can determine, it wasn't any of our blog lords either, not even one of the new guys. Anyways, you stay classy, Phillies fans!

Sam Donnellon: It isn't pretty, but Blanton gets job done for Phillies
We come not to bury Blanton, but to praise him.
"It is different from what I had before," Lidge said. "But instead of trying to throw through the pain and maybe make it worse, we decided I should take two nights off. It really is minor."
Also, Dubee had nice things to say about Worley, and Dom was scratched with a right quadriceps strain.
Voting begins for award honoring Clemente
Shane Victorino is the Phillies' candidate honoring community service.

The Braves’ lead has been squandered. What happens now? - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Rick Ankiel has done nothing. Nate McLouth continues to do nothing. Derrek Lee has done next to nothing. Troy Glaus hasn’t done much since June. Those four men staff two fairly key positions,  and at this late date you have to wonder: Would moving Melky Cabrera to center and the kid Freddie Freeman into a starting role at first base have a deleterious effect on a team that can’t score to begin with?

This is exactly the kind of thinking that now struts through the fantasy clubhouse of Team WL.

Call the Hall: Hoffman gets 600th save:
On a night when Madson blew a save FTW, we hereby salute Trevor Hoffman (check the video of him hugging his three boys and dare yourself not to feel!) and call to question what this milestone means in the midst of the Lively Save Era.

Chat with Joe Morgan:
O.K., which one of you jokers is Conshy Matt? You get a b-slap for provoking Joe into saying what he did. OTOH, Tito from Brooklyn, I thank you once again for asking the obvious about Cousin Nyjer. I wept. September 22 can't come soon enough.

Johnson leads WAR at Labor Day:
If Halladay's potential zOMG PLAYOFF WINZ! carry the old guard Cy Young ballots, Josh Johnson's wonderful flower of a season will likely be destined to bloom unseen on the humid turf of ProPlaya. Yet if you read the comments, even the propeller-headed stats set is tearing each other apart! A lively debate is upon us.

hello thar, 2nd place! Braves impotent against Pirates, fail miserably 5-0, lose NL East lead: Talking Chop
Tim Hudson was really good until the seventh, when NL Central Cellar Karma struck again. Ise not sorry.

Mathieson, Brown win top honors: Reading Eagle
A roundup of Phillies prospect 2010 honorifics. Interesting side note: Dom Brown, Matt Rizzotti, and Tagg Bozied were all Eastern League batting leaders at either their point of call up or at the end of the season.

Future Shock: Tuesday Ten Pack: Baseball Prospectus
(sub. req'd). Kevin Goldstein has some nice things to say about Lakewood's Julio Rodriguez. To answer PhillyFriar's question yesterday, Rodriguez is now throwing in the low-90s. No subscription? Then read more:

Julio Rodriguez will help BlueClaws attempt championship defense
Go BlueClaws! I must, however, invite you all to join my fan backlash against nicknaming any player whose last name is Rodriguez with the "_-Rod" format. As an homage to the Mets third-base coach, I'd much prefer "Razor Rodriguez." He'll cut you, hermano!