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The Good Phight Commemorates Cole Hamels' Scoreless Streak

[Note: this is a joint product of the Good Phight blog lords.]

After another mediocre outing on July 6, Hamels' ERA stood where it had been much of the year - just a tick over 4.  However, since then, he's started 12 games and posted a 1.83 ERA over 83.67 innings.  He's struck out more than a batter an inning and walked only 17.  In short, he's been incredible.

And, after another virtuoso performance last night, Cole Hamels is the owner of a scoreless innings streak that now stands at 25.67, the longest such streak for a Phillie since Randy Wolf went 27 consecutive scoreless innings in 2002.

To commemorate the occasion of this incredible run, the Good Phight takes a look back at how the world has changed since Cole Hamels last allowed a runner to cross home plate on his watch.

Way back on August 24, when Hamels let two Astros score in the top of the fourth inning:

  • The Padres were 25 games over .500 and had a solid lead in the NL West.
  • The Cardinals looked like they had a serious chance to make the post-season.
  • The Braves and Phillies were still in lock step with Atlanta staying 2.5 games ahead.
  • Chapmania had not gripped the majors yet.
  • Jimmy Rollins had an OPS over .700.  And was healthy.
  • Mike Zagurski and Nate Robertson were still viewed as viable major league pitchers.
  • The Inquirer sports section reported on things other than who Kevin Kolb took to his junior prom.
  • Stacey Andrews, Quintin Demps, and Macho Harris were Eagles.
  • Lisa Murkowski was going to easily win in November as an incumbent senator up for re-election in Alaska.
  • Carl Greene was doing a great job running the PHA.
  • Earl was just a baby, and Fiona, Gaston, Hermine, and Igor were not even born yet.
  • Terry Jones was just a member of Monty Python.
  • Paris Hilton had an arrest record that included only alcohol and cannabis-related crimes.

Who knows how much more the world will have changed once Cole finally lets up another run....