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A Little Time Waster: Where Will Phillies Prospects Break Camp in 2011?

We recently discussed John Sickels' rundown of the Phils' Top 20 prospects for 2011. In addition to those 20, Sickels named 17 guys as honorable mentions. Question: Where do you think these 37 guys will start the year coming out of ST? My guesses are below the jump.

OF: Brown

IF: Rizzotti, Garcia, Galvis
SP: Worley, Carpenter
RP: De Fratus, Schwimer

OF: Gillies
SP: Ramirez, Hyatt, Aumont
RP: Zeid

IF: Valle
OF: Singleton, James, Castro
SP: Cosart, Colvin, May, Pettibone, Way

IF: Hernandez, Rupp
OF: Santana, Altherr, Collier, Dugan, Eldemire
SP: Rodriguez, Garner, Hollands
RP: Morgado

OF: Pointer
SP: Biddle, Musser, Walter