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Some Tuesday Phillies Links for You, October 11, 2011: The Triumverate's Achilles Healing Powers

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I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.  (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)
I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled. (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)
Getty Images

I'm heading into the offseason by shooting the works with the Caesar-killing triumverate of Conlin, Eskin, and McCaffery. I know this annoys some of you, but the hot stove works better with more heat than light. So here goes:

Send Phillies to shop for repairs | Philadelphia Daily News | 10/11/2011
I'll admit, I've been so traumatized I hadn't remembered the "Utley to first" possibility.

Eskin: If I Were in Charge of the Phillies | NBC Philadelphia
I'd be a fan of the Mets.

McCAFFERY: Manuel's failure to act dooms silent Phils bats -
Manuel also failed to heal his hurt, old, and tired players.

Et tu, Mr. Destructo?: The Achilles Heel
At some point we'll get around to dealing with Ryan Howard responsibly. For now, however, we have this. Special guest bloglord in the comments!

2 Phillies Fans React to the End of the World - The Triangle Blog

Let’s be clear about something: the specialty of Philadelphia isn’t cheesesteaks (Roast Pork Italians are better anyway) and it isn’t dessert cakes of unknown derivation. It’s scapegoat, and it’s rarely served well done.

Ryan Howard's Torn Achilles | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball
Ryan Howard's injury has me all fantasy ptsd'ing about Kendrys Morales.

The Playoffs and the Phillies Offense : Lawyers, Guns & Money
Recommended more for the comment thread than the actual post.

What do the Phillies do with Polanco?
If you answered, "Spend the time during his 3-year contract to develop or trade for a viable high-minor league 3B prospect," o snap you're wrong! (The answer? You hit him! Then you hug him! Then you hit him! Then...)

Dom Brown Up or Down? | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball
Misses the hamate bone injury, a known robber of power, but gets the other stats right.

Unleash the Beast by Matt Christman | pitchers & poets
I was telling David S. Cohen on Friday night that I had really hoped for a series against the Brewers because there was a lot of potentially fun poetry in them.

BOB:  All attendance
We're number one in ticket buying SUCKERS.

Phillies join a crowd of doomed favorites | Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/11/2011
The minor point about 2011 feeling a lot like 1981 is a pretty good one.