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NLDS Game Two Tailgate: Cardinals at Phillies. Carpenter vs. Lee.

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HEEEYYYYYY YOUUUUU GUYYSS!!!! (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)
HEEEYYYYYY YOUUUUU GUYYSS!!!! (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Game Two of the 2011 NLDS set for first pitch at 8:37 pm tonight.

Chris Carpenter (11-9, 3.45) of the Cardinals takes on Cliff Lee (17-8, 2.40) of the Phillies.

Carpenter has a healthy postseason history, compiling a 5-2 record and 2.93 ERA in parts of three Cardinals' postseasons, including eight shutout innings in the 2006 World Series. Cliff Lee, of course...




The 2010 World Series never happened.

Last night's game was a thrill, but I think all our hearts could use a nice laugher tonight, in favor of the Phillies of course.

Placido Polanco, you're on notice by the way. I dunno I just like saying that.

Thoughts and concerns about the game? Of course these things are unpredictable, Carpenter is a terrific pitcher, but baseball is a trip.

I'm calling a Jimmy Rollins home run tonight.

Hang out in this thread until the game starts. I heard dajafi is bringing the keg.