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A Few Phillies Links For You, October 24, 2011: Closer Mentality, Loyalty, Mourning

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Inside the Phillies: Slot for Phillies closer could be wide open
Reaaalllly looking forward to paying $10MM+/season for 60ish innings, you guys.

Anatomy of a Baseball Trade - Businessweek
As this year’s trade deadline approached, the fire sale was on in Houston. An inside look at how the Astros and the Atlanta Braves got a big deal done.

Jamie Moyer, 49, hopes to pitch in 2012
If you're not rooting for this guy, stop reading this and go cut your face off.

The Free Agent Loyalty Misconception | Brotherly Glove
Eric Seidman takes a look at the fan-centric concept.

Having a famous athlete for a sibling can be stressful
Just ask Sam Buckner!

Albert Pujols Rocks Rangers: Another Reason for Phillies Fans to Hurt
Oh not this again...

Keep Howard Off the Plate? - Crashburn Alley
So Bill what you're saying is that all those people admonishing Ryan Howard aren't actually hitting experts?

The Fightins - Leave Shane Victorino Alone, Goons
Probably all that needs to be said on the Shane Victorino / Twitter "controversy."