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Some Phillies Links For You, November 14, 2011: Papelbon Arrives, Reyes to Miami?, GM Meetings

EXCLUSIVE: Jonathan Papelbon arrives in Philly |

"I came here to add to my ring collection." In the bold tradition of "Great game, let's go eat!", be ready to purchase this t-shirt tomorrow at the Majestic Store at Citizens Bank Park, or a Modell's Sportings Goods, and fellow bloggers, look for the C&D letters.

Phillies view Michael Cuddyer as "middle priority"
Happy to hear this.

Question the length, not the money
That's what sh... nevermind, hacky. Warning: annoying autoplay ads ahoy.

Jose Reyes: Jose Reyes and Marlins have not reached deal
Rumors were circulating last night that Jose Reyes to the Marlins was all but a done deal, but were then denied by everyone involved. There still seems to be momentum in that direction, but of course there was momentum in Ryan Madson returning to Philadelphia as well. Still, it'll be fun to loathe Reyes on a different NL East team for the next few years.

Will Phils find answers at GM meetings? | Philadelphia Daily News
If the question is "Are other GMs fuming at Amaro for settling an inflated market once again?" then I'd imagine the answer is "yes."

Dan Gross: Howard eyes big pieces of art | Philadelphia Daily News
Ryan Howard really should be rehabbing his leg, and not working on culturally enriching himself.

Crashburn Alley - Ruben Amaro and Multi-Year Contracts
Crashy looks at the history of Ruben Amaro's many long-term deals.

A Thank You to Pat Burrell - McCovey Chronicles
Another brilliant entry from Grant at McCovey Chronicles. I challenge all of you to find similarly dope images, gifs, and videos of Pat Burrell from his Phillies tenure, and post in the comments.

Saved for the Save: Papelbon and reliever usage - Over the Monster
Over the Monster, SB Nation's Red Sox blog, has an interesting analysis of the usage of Jonathan Papelbon (and relief pitchers in general).