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Some Phillies Links for You, November 21, 2011: New Ty, Over/Underpaying, All of Cole

"I can't help it." - RAJ  (Photo by Len Redkoles/Getty Images)
"I can't help it." - RAJ (Photo by Len Redkoles/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Paps Deal Silly, Gets Even Sillier - Over the Monster
::hands in face::

Phillies trade for utility man Wigginton
Jim Salisbury as always with the jams on Ty Wigginton.

One Improvement the Philadelphia Phillies Must Make: Fan Opinion
The democratization of opinion on the Internet. What.

Seattle Mariners Outfielder Greg Halman Slain - ABC News
Not much else on this story yet but, holy crap.

Wailea golf tourney helps Victorino Foundation -
Why is Shane playing golf, he should still be mourning the NLDS!!!

A word of caution on Cole Hamels - The Yankee Analysts
OK we'll keep him thnx.

Gillies excited after being added to Phillies' 40-man roster - Kamloops Daily News
Longtime readers will know how much I love local interest stories about Phillies' players. Here's one from British Columbia.

Phillies Acquire Ty Wigginton | Brotherly Glove
The Brotherly Glove take, sorta like mine -- Better than a big deal to Michael Cuddyer, but more or less the least tradey trade that was ever traded.

UPDATE: Pirates the favorites to sign Clint Barmes - HardballTalk
Uh, OK, Phillies are really gonna have to pay Jimmy Rollins (or someone). Jeez.