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A Few Phillies Links For You, November 28, 2011: More Rollins, Mmm Arbies, Stopping Short

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Hey there. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Hey there. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Oswalt's likely departure changes dynamic of Phillies rotation
Still formidable.

Astros fire GM Wade and president Smith
But who are the Phillies gonna dump all their junk onto in exchange for their good players LOOLOLOLOLOLLOL

Raul Ibanez: Where Does the Philadelphia Phillies Left Fielder Fit Into the Team’s Plans for the Future? | Philadelphia Phillies
2019: National League Champions 10th Reunion.

Offering Ibanez Arbitration | Brotherly Glove
Always a comfort to know that Raul Ibanez holds the Sword of Damocles over your head.

3 thoughts: If Madson accepted arbitration?
Freddy Galvis: Opening Day Shortstop

Beer nuts: Shortstops doing squat in winter ball - Beerleaguer
MVP Wilson Valdez! I appreciate Jason's (correct) appraisal of the weak crop of hitters that are poised to take Jimmy Rollins' place should the former MVP leave, but I'm not 100% in agreement that a small collection of Winter League stats are the best way to reach that conclusion. There's certainly a sufficient MiLB/MLB track record for all three.

Jerry Clothier, 66, beloved Phillies executive since '82
One of the many people who make the Phillies run who we don't hear about, but whose jobs are incredibly important. Goodbye.

This day in Phillies history: Adam Eaton gets $24.5 M
Pat Gillick's Folly.