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A Few Phillies Links For You, December 5, 2011: Winter Meetings, Christmas with Rollins, Amaro Picks Nix

Crashburn Alley - Phillies Sign Laynce Nix

"All in all, it’s hard to react to this signing with anything more than a shoulder shrug."

Yeah, I'm with Crash here.

Rollins to dominate conversation for Phils

"I think that our team is going to be fairly quiet," Amaro said in a phone interview on Wednesday.

Smug-to-English: "We're trading Cole Hamels for Justin Upton and Domonic Brown for Hanley Ramirez."

Pedro Martinez To Announce Retirement
Good luck, Petey. 2009 was awesome.

The Phillies are having a woeful winter | HardballTalk
"I am coming to you only out of concern..."

Report: Marlins plan to make "aggressive push" to sign Albert Pujols | HardballTalk
The Marlins are behaving like Navin Johnson.

Report: Phillies GM high on Freddy Galvis
Did Amaro break down laughing after this?

Phils Invite Scott Podsednik Among Others To Spring Training
With Podsednik, Laynce Nix, and Ty Wigginton, the Phillies are really giving a lot of so-so guys a chance to shine. If they're cheap it's not the worst idea, better than relying on one.