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Phillies Winter Meetings Roundup: Madson, Rollins, Ramirez

  • Little to report on the Jimmy Rollins front, as Rollins' agent Dan Lozano has his hands full with strippers the red-hot Albert Pujols Sweepstakes. Former GM Pat Gillick reportedly visited free agent third baseman Aramis Ramirez in the Dominican Republic and came away with a good impression. Whether this is "real" interest or just negotiating leverage remains to be seen.
  • To facilitate an Aramis Ramirez signing, the Phillies had reportedly been discussing a trade of Placido Polanco with the Rockies, among other teams. The Rockies have apparently backed out, at least in part because they don't think he can hack it at second base. Wait what?
  • With the closer market quickly drying up, folks in the know have started to speculate that Ryan Madson may accept the Phillies' arbitration offer, in lieu of a diminished multi-year contract. Speaking of which, the Mets signed Frank Francisco and Jon Rauch for the back of the bullpen. With the number of teams looking for (pricey) closers diminishing almost by the hour, it might make sense for Madson to punt on the market and try again next year, when there are likely to be fewer experienced closers available. The Phillies could benefit as well, as Madson on a one year deal around $8 million or so would be a very valuable trading chip.

Stay tuned.