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Our Ticket Memories from When the Phillies Used to Suck



The Phillies have become the new 81-date Bruce Springsteen concert.

Single-game tickets went on sale today, and it was merely the latest evidence of the growing fan frenzy surrounding the 2011 Phillies. According to Mrs. WL, who was in situ at Citizens Bank Park in the mid-afternoon, a 2 1/2-hour line greeted fans (or, more precisely, Phillies employees) at 8:30 this a.m. Anyone trying to get 3- or 6-game packs the month before encountered an increasing number of unavailable games or 2-tickets per game restrictions. As of tonight, reports are that half of the Phillies' regular season games could sell out by tomorrow.

I fear nascent, creeping Red Sox Nationalism is upon us, in which the economics go thusly: A friend of mine who lives near Manchester, NH, makes good use of Southwest Airlines and hotel deals in Tampa to see the Red Sox play the Rays. For him, it's cheaper than Fenway.

This is amazing for us Phillies fans with just a few grey hairs, and a far cry from when my teenaged self went with a girlfriend and, while waiting in line for tickets, a guy walked up to us and said, "Here, you look like a coupla nice kids. I can't get ridduvum. Enjoy." Then he shoved a coupla ducats in my hand. 20th row on 3B line.

Add your own rememberies below.