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Some Phillies Links for You, February 18, 2011: Tickets = Hot Cakes

Tickets: As of last night, 3.3 million had been purchased, and 15 of 81 games were sold out

Charlie Manuel: "Will be the one who makes sure Utley gets enough rest." That headline sounds encouraging at first but is worded a bit ambiguously if you think about it. Meanwhile, the quotes from Charlie, to my ears, sound flat-out discouraging.

Ryan Howard (1): Ankle is 98%, considering standing closer to plate

Ryan Howard (2): Matt Gelb talks sabermetrics, sort of

Ben Francisco: Hoping to win the starting RF job, likes to use iPad

MLB Fanhouse: Ranks Phils' farm system #7 (Braves #2, Nats #15, Mets #27, Marlins #29)

Jamie Moyer: Interview from the Bugs & Cranks blog

David Herndon: Learned from Durbin and Lidge last year - good news?

Jiwan James: Likes Boston Market, Lenny's in Clearwater, Pizza Hut / Dislikes sushi, alcohol, Mexican

Matt Anderson: Profile of his career from John Sickels' blog

Baseball Prospectus: Projects Phillies to win 91 games, NL East title

Around the NL East

Underdogs hope to surprise Phillies (with bonus embedded video of Chipper interview)
Pirates fan sues Braves, alleges he was assaulted by Turner Field fans

Edwin Rodriguez says he wants a smart team on the field

Johan Santana expects to return in June
Angel Pagan defers to Carlos Beltran for CF spot

Stephen Strasburg in camp, throwing lightly
Chien-Ming Wang has bullpen session, reports no pain