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Some Evening Links For You, February 22, 2011: All Red Everything

Shane, taking a moment mid-temper tantrum to smile for the camera.
Shane, taking a moment mid-temper tantrum to smile for the camera.

Just some links for you refined ladies and gentlemen on this lovely night as you sit by the fireplace sipping your digestifs of choice.


Red alert! The Phillies also had a very colorful photo day

Tested Willy Wonka's new gum, I presume.

Bastardo still behind

"It doesn't appear to be a major setback for Bastardo, but right now he's the only one of the 60 players in camp who is limited." Things are quiet. Too quiet. 

Lee throws 40 pitches...

...all of them were strikes. 

Chase Utley vs. Cliff Lee

World: asploded

Werth: Phillies could have had me and Lee

WHOA! TMI, Wertz. TMI. (Miss you, boo)

Keith Law: Brown needs more seasoning

Insider only, but this is a pretty hilarious image: "One thing he could stand to work on is his defense in right field. He has the athleticism to be plus there, but his reads out there need work and he's had throwing issues at least since I first saw him play, wasting his arm strength by throwing off the wrong foot."

Hilarious and disturbing.

Joe Blanton Ruins Yet Another Media Appearance

He thought the mound was an oatmeal cookie. 

Blog Of Fame: The Fightins

Big ups to Meech. Let's pour one out for The Fightins.

Elsewhere in baseball:

Luck-Neutral "All-Stars"

And the most neutral pitcher in baseball is...Jake Westbrook.

At 17, Griffey Jr. Attempted Suicide; Now He Warns Others

Holy moly.

Dusty Baker Given Lovely Parting Gifts As Cubs Manager

My pet theory: it was planted by the bat boy on orders from Kerry Wood and Mark Prior.

Is it Better to be an Elite Run Producing or Run Preventing Team? - Beyond the Box Score

Seems like the Phillies have the right idea.

Luis Castillo: History's Greatest Monster?

I guess I hadn't realized how much of a jerk Oliver Perez was. Don't change, Ollie. You're the best player on our team.


Hradest core sprot bloger 4RELL Gil Thorpe of the 701 Level breaks down the Albert Pujols situation.