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Some Afternoon Links for You, February 23, 2011: No Schmidt!


I'm sorta digging this link dump thing. Here are some afternoon links for your reading pleasure.


The Door Cracked Open For Durbin's Return?
Does anyone feel a draft?

Beyond the Box Score Podcast Featuring Phillies Prospect Jiwan James
The Real King James speaks.

Schmidt: These Phillies 'maybe the best ever'

Schmidt: Rollins needs to be more "Pete Rose-like"
Rose: "Jimmy, bet the over"

The Phillies Starting Rotation as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
I have an idea: the Phillies starting rotation as passengers on the Hindenburg

Quick Summary of Off-season Minor League Acquisitions
Who we got, in a nutshell.

Phillies Kendrick, Wife Expecting 1st Child
Post your name suggestions in the comments. Mine: Moonshot Princefielder Kendrick.

Elsewhere in baseball:

Murray Chass's Valentines Day
His name has "ass" in it. 'Nuff said.

The Atlanta Braves Will Have A Great Rotation ... If The Fans Are Right
The folks over at Talking Chop have about as much confidence in their "Big Four" as we have in ours.

MLB Players Of The Decade: Starting Pitcher Offers Host Of Candidates
Coal Hammel.

Uh-oh: Wainwright and Tommy John mentioned in same breath
Not enough burnt offerings. BASE BA'AL IS DISPLEASED.  

Mets Madoff T-Shirts
So Ponzi'd