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Some After Dinner Links For You, February 24, 2011: Baseball Was Played Today

About four months too late, but that's okay Ryan.
About four months too late, but that's okay Ryan.

The Phillies (and a bunch of guys who won't make the major league squad) beat up on FSU 8-0 today in the first action of the spring. Thus begins their season-long quest not to lose a single game or allow a single run. I have a really good feeling about that. Here are some links for you classy people.


The King's Speech
Geoffrey Rush's results were much more modest with His Majesty Mr. Manuel. (p.s. <3 u Cholly)

Phillies hope Domonic Brown has the right stuff
He does.

Gload positioned to fly solo as top Phillies bench bat
O/U on GROSS LOADS in 2011: 9.5

Mathieson out to prove he belongs in Phillies’ bullpen
I dunno, I thought he proved it by about midway through last season. Unlike this guy:

Danys Baez a big part of Jose Contreras' success with Phillies
"I didn't do too much," Baez said. He ain't lying.

Is Roy Oswalt a future Hall of Famer?
Definitely maybe.

Amaro: Blanton is starting for Phils in April
"Blanton is starting for us April 7," Amaro said smugly.

You should see this guy
Mancrush porn. NSFW.

Potential Phillies Lineups
Chooch 4 leadoff!

Elsewhere in baseball:

RA Dickey’s more traditional, slower knuckleball
Great. His other one gave the Phillies enough trouble.

Adam Wainwright to have Tommy John surgery, miss season

Adam Wainwright and the Inverted W
I don't know how much I trust this kind of analysis, but it's still something to ponder.

"Luck-Neutral" Batting All-Stars
This is some next-level lasermetrical s@#$.

MLB Dreamjob
I love baseball and all that, but this sounds more like a nightmarejob to me, honestly.

Yankees Inquire About Braves Starting Pitcher Tim Hudson
Really great discussion in the comments.