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Some Evening Links For You, February 25, 2011: Nothing's Up

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Not much happening in Phillies land today. Grapefruit League play kicks off tomorrow at 1:05 against the Yankees. MLB Network will have the game as Cole Hamels gets the start. He'll probably work a few innings as they look to remain undefeated and unscored-upon (but most importantly unscathed) this season.

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Now, onto the links.


It's quiet

Durbin Decision 2011: Phillies 'pull offer from table'
Presumably the same table Cliff Lee left all that money on.

Utley not in line-up for tomorrow's game
"Routine soreness." 

Phils have had longstanding interest in Nats’ Morse
HTNJW (He's the next Jayson Werth)

Phils’ prospect Gillies gets life, career back on track
"You are innocent until proven guilty," LaMar said.

A Semi-Handy Clearwater Guide
I hate you, Zo.

Elsewhere in baseball:

Frightened to Swing? The Odd Approach of Batters to facing Carlos Marmol
Not swinging worked out really well for the Phillies this day

Moneyball 2.0: Students In Harvard Club Prep To Be Sports GMs
What's worse than a SABR nerd? A SABR nerd with a Harvard degree.

The 20 Best/Worst Groundballing Seasons, 1950-2001
This fascinates me.

Reports: MLB loaned cash-poor New York Mets $25 million
Too big to fail.

Dodgers: Bud Selig rejected proposal for Fox to loan $200 million to Dodgers' owner
Everybody's broke.