Do Not Listen to Harry Mayes and Brian Baldinger on 97.5 FM

I suppose even better advice would be "Do Not Listen to Any Sports Talk Radio at All." But I had my radio stuck on 97.5 from before, so when I turned it on a little while ago, I caught this incredible exchange between some guy named Harry Mayes (whose name I just looked up) and onetime crappy Eagles offensive lineman Brian Baldinger. I'm relaying the conversation from memory, so it's a paraphrase, but I think the gist of it is accurate.

Mayes: Everybody's expecting to fix the Utley problem by trading Blanton. But let me ask this: Does anybody out there want Blanton? Are you really going to get Michael Young for him?

Baldinger: No, you can't get Young for Blanton. Not a .300 hitter like that.

Mayes: He was a big part of Texas' World Series run! He's a commodity now. Why would they just give him up? But you have better chips to deal than Blanton. What about Roy Oswalt? You'd still have three aces, and he's definitely the one you'd most be willing to deal because he might be gone after this year. I know he has a no-trade clause and Young has a no-trade clause and that's something that would have to be worked out. But I want to hear what people think.

Thankfully, Baldinger disagreed with the suggestion of trading Roy Oswalt for Michael Young, although his rationale for disagreeing with it ("This whole offseason was about the four aces! I want to see what they can do!") was not, shall we say, the strongest possible one that was available to him.

I assume that they then proceeded to take calls on the topic, but my car-wreck-style fascination with the discussion had already faded and I couldn't bear to listen to any more. Also, it sounded as if they were about to begin an Andre Iguodala bashfest, which didn't really appeal to me either.