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Some Wednesday Phillies Links for You, March 16, 2011: The Delco Yukyuk Club, Battle of the Undeads, BSOML, Ace Factor and CFR

Ohai. It's good to be back a- linkin' today. But do what The Man already said: Fill out your brackets, people! NOW NOW NOW

Polanco joins ailing group dropping like ... Phillies -
See, it's funny because the word "Phillies" sounds a lot like "flies." This will appeal to the Delco Yukyuk Club.

Phillies Notes: Blanton again struggles early | Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/16/2011
And Romero was walking dudes. Midseason form.

Inside the Phillies: Uncertainty in lineup means Howard will have to carry team | Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/16/2011
Lineup rosterbation, if you're into that sort of thing. Just remember: Sister said you'll go blind.

Utley's injury raises competition for reserve roles on Phillies' roster | News
Zolecki with a nice little primer on the bench competition, as, alas and alack, it seems Chase Utley will now battle Dom Brown to see who undeads himself first.

Phillies have a few options if Lidge needs a sub | Philadelphia Daily News | 03/16/2011
The best part of this is the realization that Madson did most of the late-inning heavy lifting last year anyways.

Measuring a Pitcher's Ace Factor |
Must-read. A few first-blush reactions: 1) Damn, Maddux and Pedro were really, really good. 2) How the hell does Steve Carlton's 1972 not show up more prominently?

Baseball Prospectus | Baseball ProGUESTus: Investigating the "Best Shape" Phenomenon
This is pretty funny, and good news for the ol' blog, which is truly in the Best Shape of Its Life.

Attendance Watch 2011: The Philadelphia Phillies
It's a business, people. And business is very, very good these days.

The Bust: Some of baseball's big misses - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
Just in case you get the watercooler'd "Dom Brown is a bust!" remark, here's one way to segue out of it. "Todd Van Poppel bad? Steve Chilcott bad?"

owait there's more!

After overcoming doubts and injuries, Giants outfielder Cody Ross is boss | News
"Cody Ross built his towering triumphs on a bedrock of perseverance," it begins. Really really. Guess who he hit his first home run off of? Hint: It will annoy you.

Joe West Ejects Pilot | NotGraphs Baseball
I digs the baseball-themed interwebz non sequiturs.

Braves Quote For The Day ... A Good Lesson For All Teams - Talking Chop
Check out the point of the post v. comments. Truly fascinating chummy taco pal bait. Mmmmm.